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Biden Administration Announces the Military Will Now Fund Travel for This Barbaric Practice

by x82hPEs

The U.S. military is quickly becoming just another petri dish for the left to test their woke ideology.

And Joe Biden and his cabal of globalists are working overtime to completely destroy our armed forces.

Now the Biden administration says the military will fund travel for this barbaric practice.

The U.S. military is under attack.

But not from our foreign enemies, it’s coming from within our own government.

Following the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and the subsequent actions by more than 20 states to protect babies, the Biden administration is following through on one of its many promises to promote killing more babies.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin recently released a memo to all branches of the military raising awareness of the new DOD program that will pay for all members of the military to travel to get an abortion.

Since the overturning of Roe, 16 states have put laws into place protecting unborn children.

Additional states have passed protections as well but are currently battling lawsuits brought on by the abortion mill lobby so they can continue murdering children in the womb.

That’s why this new program is being put in place – to get around the legal protections the pro-life states by paying women servicemembers to travel so they can still kill their babies.

In his memo, Austin stated that the SCOTUS decision to reverse Roe v. Wade will negatively impact the “readiness, recruiting, and retention implications for the force” and therefore the military needs to “establish travel and transportation allowances for service members and dependents … to access non-

covered reproductive health care that is unavailable within the local area of a service member’s permanent duty station.”

But this is a clear violation of federal law, something Biden officials know all too well.

The Hyde Amendment, passed by Congress in 1996, flatly prohibits elective abortions from being performed by any Department of Defense medical personnel and bans them from being done in DoD medical facilities.

The Hyde Amendment goes even further and prohibits taxpayer funding for all elective abortions in the military.

And so pro-abortion Democrats have been trying to force military medical facilities to provide abortions (at the taxpayer’s expense, of course) ever since the Hyde Amendment was put into law.

In the meantime, Joe Biden and the Democrats are doing everything else in their power to kill as many children as possible, even if it means breaking the law to do so.

The FBI would be better off investigating and arresting them – rather than 87-year-old Holocaust survivors whose only crime was praying in front of an abortion mill.