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Joe Biden Set to Use This New Law for National Gun Confiscation

by x82hPEs

The leftists and socialists have been trying to end the Second Amendment for decades.

And now they’re only one step away from achieving their goal.

Because Joe Biden is all set to use this new law for national gun confiscation.

The radical left and socialist gun-grabbers have been scheming for years about how to disarm law-abiding Americans en masse.

They would love nothing more than to disarm you and your family while criminals run rampant in the streets of America.

To achieve this goal, they use every chance they get to push their gun-grabbing agenda.

Just like when former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel famously stated, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

That’s why with every mass shooting the left uses the tragedy to push new gun control policies.

And all too many GOP politicians are happy to join them.

Meanwhile the NRA cowers and comes up with “acceptable compromises” that sellout their own members.

Unfortunately, the Republican compromise crowd has been even more willing to vote away the 2nd Amendment.

Just this year, fifteen Senate Republicans eagerly voted for and supported red flag law legislation.

And leading GOP Senators like Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, and Lindsey Graham made sure the gun control legislation passed the Senate.

The gun grabbers are so intent on passing red flag laws because these laws take away your right to own or possess a firearm without due process at just the slightest report of unusual behavior.

One of the justifications for gun confiscation under red flag laws is mental health – and the Biden administration is now pushing anxiety screenings for all Americans ages 18-65 with the revamping of the “United States Preventative Services Task Force.”

The “United States Preventive Services Task Force” is just a veiled way for Big Government to meddle in your medical history and decisions.

For example, the Task Force recommends certain practices for medical professionals, including that doctors test everyone under the age of 65 for anxiety whenever they get the chance.

And wouldn’t you know it – mental and emotional disorders with expressive conditions like anxiety are plenty cause to confiscate guns under red flag laws.

So many thanks GOP for helping the left’s dream of gun confiscation come closer to fruition.