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This Leading CEO Applauds High Energy Prices for ‘Accelerating’ Going Green

by x82hPEs

It used to be that most business owners were by nature free market proponents.

But the growth of the billionaire socialist class and one-world adherents has changed that.

Now this leading CEO is applauding high energy prices because it’s ‘accelerating’ the U.S. going green.

Gone are the days of businesses and their owners being consistently pro-free market.

The Chamber of Commerce is now better known as the Chamber of Compromise or Chamber of Communists.

Even once strong pro-American companies like Walmart are joining in the push towards socialism.

And a key part of accomplishing a one-world government is the “green” movement.

By forcing the world’s ‘first world’ nations to disrupt their economies by “going green,” the elite will eventually have more control over them.

As if to prove that point, during a forum at the Clinton Global Initiative, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink commented that increased energy prices are “accelerating” the transition to “green” energy.

“Because of the rising energy prices, we are certainly seeing the green premium shrink quite considerably. And so, the amount of investment dollars that are going into new decarbonization technology is accelerating, and accelerating very rapidly,” Fink told former President Bill Clinton.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that the CEO of BlackRock is invested in forcing “green” on American consumers.

BlackRock is well known for leveraging its investments in other companies to push Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) issues.

ESG encourages companies to prioritize social and environmental factors when making investment considerations instead of “simply considering the potential profitability,” according to Investopedia.

“We’re seeing evidence every day that climate risk is investment risk,” Fink said.

Meanwhile critics of ESG point to the crises in Sri Lanka, which saw a momentous drop in agricultural production earlier this year, and Ghana, which suffered blackouts, after both countries adopted ESG-approved policies.

And of course, the entire world has been watching the Dutch farmer rebellion as Holland is forcing ESG on their nation, including ending much of private farming.

Here in the U.S. a gallon of gas costs an average of $3.674, $1.75 higher than before Biden was installed in the Oval Office.

These high prices are largely due to the Biden administration’s policies of canceling pipelines, selling U.S. oil reserves to the Communist Chinese, and increased regulations and enforcement on small independent gas station owners.

While prices have dropped from where it was a year ago, it’s only through Biden’s manipulation of the markets and it’s not designed to be a long-term trend.

Because the fact is Biden and the one-world radicals hope the prices go higher, so they too can speed up the suffering of Americans and “go green.”