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Joe Biden Was Caught Whispering to Himself and Now We Know the Shocking Thing He Said

by x82hPEs

Even his handlers aren’t sure what to do with Joe Biden.

They can barely get him out the room quick enough before he makes a major blunder.

And now Biden’s been caught whispering to himself and here’s the shocking thing he said.

Some are now saying the treatment of Joe Biden by his own family and fellow Democrats is bordering on abusive.

He really shouldn’t be out in public.

He often appears confused, unsteady, and makes bizarre comments.

When he’s in the public eye, we see his handlers directing him on how to even leave the stage.

And the gaffes he’s been making have become borderline delirious.

But his latest gaffe could have serious ramifications.

Biden recently met with newly elected Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in hopes of restoring diplomatic relations after the U.S. experienced “rocky times” with the nation’s former President Rodrigo Duterte vis-a-vis human rights abuses.

And to Biden’s credit, the meeting seemed to go off without a hitch.

But it wasn’t what Biden said during their meeting that was of concern, but what he said under his breath while reporters peppered the two leaders with questions.

As reporters were beginning to be pushed out of the room, one reporter shouted out – “Do you have confidence in David Malpass of the World Bank?”

This got a quick, but inaudible, response from Biden that no one could make out until the White House transcript was released.

According to the transcript, Biden had responded saying, “I wouldn’t bother answering.”

But who was Biden talking to?

It seemed the question was most likely directed at Biden regarding the controversy surrounding World Bank president David Malpass, who was appointed by former President Trump.

Was it possible Biden was talking to himself – about himself?

Or was he repeating a stage direction being fed to him by one of his handlers?

Either way, the answer was bizarre.

Some suggest he may have been advising the Philippine leader not to answer considering the way Biden subtly tossed his head in Marcos’ direction when he said, “I wouldn’t bother answering.”

And, given his mental state, it would make sense that Biden’s addled memory is still stuck in the last century when the World Bank had been criticized for the way it funded the regime of Marcos’ father – Ferdinand Marcos, Sr.

But no matter the real reason Biden uttered the words he did, it’s just more proof he’s unfit to serve as President, and a reminder that our standing in the world has been utterly destroyed by Biden’s utterances.