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This Shocking New Hunter Biden Revelation has Democrats Fearing the Worst

by x82hPEs

Democrats and their media allies have done their best to cover up Hunter Biden’s activities.

They know the American people would be horrified to learn what really happened.

That’s why this shocking new revelation has the Democrats fearing the worst.

By now most Americans are aware of Hunter Biden’s infamous “laptop from hell.”

Not only did it chronicle Hunter’s drug-fueled sexual conquests and illegal activities, but it also exposed the massive pay-for-play schemes in Hunter’s shady foreign business deals.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, a new shocking report reveals that Hunter’s woes could be getting much worse.

New York Magazine’s Andrew Rice conducted a six-month investigation into the original “laptop from hell.”

And it turns out there might be two laptops.

In a recent interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, Rice revealed that Hunter Biden may have lost a second laptop which could contain “devastating” information for the family.

“I think that, you know — I think that if you accept the fact that Hunter Biden was a person who was addicted to drugs, alcohol, other substances, who was going on a sort of journey of self-destruction during this time period, you know, it’s fully plausible to think that he might’ve misplaced an object and not necessarily know what happened to it,” Rice said.

But Rice had this bombshell to add to the Hunter’s horrors: “In fact, people close to him have propagated the idea that perhaps actually there’s a second laptop out there that it might actually trace back to him. Which goes back to the general point that Hunter Biden was capable of losing more than one laptop

that potentially contained devastating information about himself in this time period in his life.”

It’s certainly believable that a drugged-out Hunter could have lost a second laptop – which would be horrible for Biden and the Democrats.

After two years of trying to black out the story, now the media is admitting it’s real and finally taking an interest in it.

At first, the story was sold to us as “Russian disinformation.”

But the gig is up and even the Democrats know the media can’t keep covering it all up anymore.

Now it’s time to investigate exactly what Joe Biden had his hands in and his involvement in his son’s corruption.