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Ford Slammed the Brakes on the Deep State’s Efforts to End an American Icon

by x82hPEs

The effort to “go green” is crushing the American automobile market.

And the government is doing all it can to further veer off course.

But Ford just slammed the brakes on the Deep State’s efforts to end this American icon.

The race to switch Americans to electric vehicles (EVs) has resulted in some clunkers.

And nowhere is this more evident than in the muscle car.

Dodge has announced they are destroying their line of muscle cars to appease the green gods, and GM has begun their transition to EVs.

But as America’s auto manufacturers rush into the EV marketplace, they are leaving a trail of wreckage.

The problems with EVs are many, and as of yet, not fixed.

The incidents of EVs catching on fire, running out of juice, and failing to perform are becoming commonplace.

And states like California are banning gas powered automobiles while at the same time telling EV owners they can’t charge their vehicles due to the strained power grid.

Social media is rife with photos of EV owners using gas generators to charge their “green” cars due to the lack of a stable power grid in many places.

Yet auto manufacturers continue their sprint to appease “gang green” and the eco warriors by cranking out new EVs at the expense of iconic models.

But at least one automaker has decided to buck the trend.

The new Ford Mustang is going to be a good old-fashioned, gas-powered pony car.

Ford recently confirmed that the new 2024 Mustang will be available with its iconic V8 engine and a six-speed manual transmission.

But, in a slap to the greenies what is making the news is what the new Mustang will not have.

In 2017, with much fanfare, Ford’s former CEO, Mark Fields, said that the next generation Mustang would be available as a hybrid and as early as last year Ford dealers were told it would be available for sale as soon as 2025, according to Automotive News.

Ford even filed a patent for a unique powertrain setup that featured two electric motors mounted to the sides of a V8 engine that would provide a vehicle with all-wheel-drive hybrid power.

And a former Ford engineer also listed work on both four-cylinder and V8 hybrid powertrain for the Mustang on his LinkedIn resume.

But once that was found out he quietly removed the word “hybrid” from his post.

Now sources familiar with Ford’s program are telling Automotive News the hybrid model has been completely scrapped along with the plans to develop an all-wheel drive version.

This news means the Mustang may be the last of the internal combustion engine pony cars.

Already Dodge has announced they are replacing the Challenger with the electric Charger Daytona SRT next year.

And Chevrolet Camaro’s future is dubious, as GM begins its transition toward becoming an all-electric automaker.

Ford is betting that bucking the trend with the new model Mustang will pay off and are expecting to have a six-year run on the new Mustang that won’t end until 2029.

Ford’s announcement is a welcome yellow flag in the race to “go green no matter what” mentality which is prevalent in Detroit today.

While the Deep State green machine isn’t happy with Ford’s announcement, the American people, especially car lovers, are thrilled.