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Even the Deep State is Going Bananas Over Joe Biden’s Monkeypox Tsar

by x82hPEs

The Biden administration is one of the most radical collections of scary socialists in history.

And with each new appointment he picks, Biden makes it worse.

That’s why even the Deep State is going bananas over Joe Biden’s Monkeypox Tsar.

There is no doubt that “moderate” Joe Biden has gone off the deep end.

His choices for cabinet positions have left most Americans shaking their heads in disgust and bewilderment.

But no one expected his latest pick to head up the administration’s Monkeypox efforts.

With the COVID “emergency” running its course, the political establishment is now attempting to make Monkeypox the latest emergency.

But so far it’s failed to catch hold, mainly because any rational person realizes the fact that Monkeypox almost exclusively transmits via sex between gay men.

That’s not slowing down Joe Biden.

He recently appointed a White House Monkeypox Tsar to oversee the administration’s push to make the disease a national health crisis and scare Americans.

Of course, if they were really concerned about Monkeypox they would be focusing on efforts that make a difference in the spread of the disease in the gay community, rather than focusing on being sensitive to the gay rights activists.

But Biden’s pick, Demetre Daskalakis, is more focused on not stigmatizing the gay community.

To him, public health is merely a secondary goal, if it’s a goal at all.

That’s because Daskalakis is as radical as any of Biden’s other picks, arguably more so.

The photos of Daskalakis in full BDSM kink and his pentagram tattoo show that no one in the Biden administration is serious about combatting the disease.

And during a recent briefing of the media, Daskalakis clearly stated the administration’s real goals; “I think we’re really proud of the work that we’ve done to create non-stigmatizing language to inform people what they need to do to stay healthy. So I think that that’s the first step, which is really making sure that we’re modeling the right behavior and that we’re putting out materials that speak to the community in a way that doesn’t stigmatize them . . .”

That’s right, its all about not offending the gay rights base of the Democrats, at the expense of countless lives.

And Daskalakis made it very clear as he continued;

“[T]his virus transmits through very close skin-to-skin physical contact, often in the setting of sexual exposure. But there are other mechanisms for its transmission, including, if you touch objects that individuals who’ve had monkeypox touch or if you have prolonged exposure to respiratory droplets. With that said, signaling to people who are in the gay, bisexual, other-men-who-have-sex-with-men communities, and also transgender people who have sex with men that it’s really important to have awareness if it’s circulating in the community is really a critical part of the messaging while not generating, you know, inordinate concern and really focusing on the infection as linked to an identity.”

There are even discussions to change the name Monkeypox because some considered it too negative and hurtful to the gay community.

The Democrats have long been more interested in identity politics and political correctness than they have offering real solutions to the American people.

And Joe Biden has cemented this as he’s worked overtime to cement Socialism into the American culture.

It’s important to keep in mind that to the radical socialist philosophy the death toll doesn’t matter nearly as much as taking and keeping power.

That’s why Joe Biden has filled his administration with a bizarre cast of characters whose main goal is the promotion of ideology.

The gay community continues to be devastated by Monkeypox, but at least no one’s feelings are getting hurt.