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Donald Trump Is All Smiles After FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid for One Shocking Reason

by x82hPEs

Most Americans are outraged at the out-of-control and weaponized FBI.

And everyone expected Donald Trump to be furious after they raided his private home in a witch hunt.

But Donald Trump is all smiles after the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago for this one shocking reason.

The Democrats’ private police force, otherwise known as the FBI, is on a full-scale war footing, going after Joe Biden’s political enemies at an alarming rate.

And for the last six years the Democrats’ number one enemy, and thus the FBI’s number one target, has been Donald Trump.

To be sure, he is not their main target.

The main target of the DOJ, FBI, IRS and every other Democrat, Deep State-controlled government agency is the American people.

They know they must shut down free thought, free expression, and the Constitution long before they are able to impose their socialist agenda on the nation in full force.

And the radical leftists and their security forces at the FBI know they must stop the leaders of the opposition first.

That’s why they are so hell-bent on getting to Donald Trump by any means necessary, no matter how bizarre, immoral, or unconstitutional.

They are trying every dirty trick in the book, from making up false Russian collusion charges, to impeachment attempts, to phony lawsuits, and now FBI raids.

But a funny thing keeps happening to the Democrats and their stormtroopers…

…every time they attack the former president his support only goes up.

And that’s what happened after the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

The FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago has given former President Donald Trump a huge 10-point bump over possible 2024 GOP rival Gov. Ron DeSantis among Republican primary voters.

And this new 10-point increase is just a further widening of his already significant lead, according to a new poll.

The recent Politico/Morning Consult poll was conducted on August 10 just after armed FBI agents raided the former president’s private Florida property.

The poll found that a majority of 57% would back Trump if he chose to run for the Republican presidential nomination.

That’s a four-point increase over the 53% who said they would vote for the former president just last month.

But the big news was the increase in Trump’s support over his potentially biggest rival for the nomination.

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL), who could be Trump’s fiercest competition should they both choose to run, dropped from 23% to 17% in the poll even as Trump rose.

Now Trump, who has repeatedly mentioned a possible 2024 run but not yet formally announced that he intends to, has a 40-point lead on his GOP competition.

DeSantis, who defended Trump after the FBI’s raid, has also not formally announced his intentions to run, and in fact has said he is only focused on his reelection as Florida’s governor.

According to the poll, which surveyed 2,004 registered voters, no other candidate had double-digit support. The poll’s margin of error is plus or minus 2 points and tracks with most other polls that show the race for the GOP nomination currently between Trump and DeSantis with all other contenders in single digits.

At the rate the FBI is going, Trump will be president in no time.