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Donald Trump Is Furious That Jan. 6 Witness Lies While Committee Ignores This Truth

by x82hPEs

By now, most of our readers know all about the sham January 6 Committee’s “special” hearing and its “explosive” witness.

But it turned out their “bombshell” witness was a dud.

And Donald Trump is furious that while witnesses lie on the stand the committee continues to ignore this truth.

The much anticipated Cassidy Hutchinson was supposed to have stunning testimony that would “sink” Donald Trump once and for all.

Instead, the once-trusted aide for Mark Meadows was caught lying about multiple issues, leaving most, if not all, of her testimony in doubt.

Yet the media and the left are still promoting Hutchinson’s testimony as if it were gospel.

Their hatred of Donald Trump runs so deep they’re willing to promote suborned perjury in order to take down the former President.

Meanwhile the committee is ignoring very damaging information that would change the entire scope of the investigation.

House Democrats (and Liz Cheney) tried to convince the public that former President Donald Trump and his team were aware of the potential for violence among armed protesters the day of the Capitol Hill riot and ignored the security risks.

But the committee continues to hide one stubborn fact, one that the Democrats and Never-Trumpers don’t want you to know – that the Capitol Police had actually reported several times to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi herself that they had received intelligence warnings about potential violence being planned for January 6th.

And that they failed to increase security adequately or accept Trump’s offer to call in National Guard troops.

Documents obtained by Just the News from Capitol Police sources show that Capitol Police had received an intelligence report on New Year’s Eve 2020 – six days prior to the events at the Capitol – that some extremists were discussing using guns, possibly in sniper attacks, and planning to storm the Capitol and hang Democrat members of Congress.

One entry in the “domestic terrorism summary” that was sent by Capitol Police official Matthew N. Hurtig to multiple offices inside his department read, “Far right extremists call for ‘armed encampment’ & to hang corpses of Democrats at January 6 pro-Trump demonstration in D.C.”

Another entry in that same report read, “Armed and ready, Mr. President: Demonstrators urged to bring guns, prepare for violence at January 6 ‘Stop the Steal’ Protest in DC.”

A third entry in the same intelligence report (which was sent to email distribution lists for the Capitol Police’s intelligence, investigations, and internal security units) included a discussion from an extremist online forum.

“Far-right forum users discuss taking violent actions at DC Trump Rally,” the entry read.

There was even more in the report, including information that FBI and DOJ operatives were also involved with much of this discussion and planning – all of which the committee has refused to look into.

But this was never the point of the investigation.

Its entire purpose was, and is, to take down President Trump and his supporters.

Even if it means suborning perjury and ignoring evidence.