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The New York Times Left Joe Biden in a Rage with This Shocking Admission

by x82hPEs

Nothing seems to be going right for Joe Biden.

Even his friends in the media seem to be turning on him.

And that’s why the New York Times left Joe Biden in a rage with this shocking admission.

They say that confession is good for the soul.

Even if it comes too late.

And what the New York Times just confessed to is certainly far too late because what they confessed to has cost America dearly.

Simply put, the New York Times has admitted what we here at Deep State Journal have been writing about for years – the absolute corruption of Hunter Biden and the Biden family.

An admission that, had they made it in October 2020 – instead of covering it up and lying about it – would’ve likely cost Joe Biden the presidency and saved the United States from the misery we are suffering through.

Back in 2020, about a month before the November elections, President Trump appeared on CBS’ 60 Minutes and declared the Hunter Biden laptop scandal as “one of the biggest scandals” he’s ever seen. 

Of course anchor Lesley Stahl was steadfast in her insistence that there was no way to determine whether the laptop or any of its contents were real. 

“Excuse me, they found the laptop. Lesley. Listen…,” Trump tried to respond but was rudely interrupted by Stahl insisting that Hunter’s laptop could not be verified. 

“What can’t be verified?” Trump asked.

“The laptop!” Stahl exclaimed. 

Despite a mountain of credible evidence to the contrary, the laptop story was widely rejected by other major media outlets.

National television hosts, their guests, and journalists took to the airwaves in a frenzy to reassure their liberal viewers that the story was “unverifiable” and almost certainly tied to the Kremlin, or simply a smear campaign orchestrated by President Trump and his allies. 

On October 22, 2020, Biden campaign advisor Symone Sanders appeared on MSNBC and bluntly stated that any attempts by President Trump to amplify the laptop story was “Russian misinformation.” 

Not to be left out of a Democrat political cover-up, CNN’s Brian Stelter said, “U.S. authorities are seeing if those emails we just talked about are connected to an ongoing Russian disinformation effort.” 

Of course, Stelter couldn’t – and didn’t – stop there. The CNN host went on to hypothesize that the entire laptop story was made up and a “classic example” of the “right-wing media machine.”

Stelter’s colleague Jake Tapper was also critical and dismissive of the story. 

During one segment in October 2020, Tapper huffed and puffed that conservatives were going “crazy” with allegations about Hunter and Joe that were “too disgusting to even repeat.”

Washington Post columnist Greg Sargent called it “Trump’s fake new Biden scandal” and said the allegations were “laughably weak.” 

Politico also ran an article that month with the headline “Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say,” and highlighted a letter signed by “more than 50 former senior intelligence officials” that asserted the emails on the laptop had “the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” 

The letter suggested the emails may have been hacked and tampered with by the Kremlin in order to make its contents look incriminating. 

Signers of that letter included former high-ranking intelligence officials and outspoken Trump critics like former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Michael Hayden, Leon Panetta, and Jeremy Bash. Most work or have worked as analysts on MSNBC and CNN and openly supported Biden’s candidacy.

Now we know these intelligence officials flat out lied because the New York Times finally confirmed the authenticity of Hunter’s missing laptop just last week. 

But don’t expect anyone to be held accountable for lying to the American people, swaying a U.S. presidential election, or covering up crimes and possible treason.

Because when all is said and done, the GOP (should they actually win back Congress this fall) just doesn’t have the fight in them to actually take charge.

That leaves it up to us to hold politicians accountable.

By learning the techniques of confrontational politics and knowing how to effectively apply political pressure on these bad actors, we can hit them where it really hurts – their positions of power.