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Joe Biden Just Said This Shocking Thing That Has Democrats Scratching Their Heads

by x82hPEs

It’s clear to almost everyone that Joe Biden is undoubtedly the worst president America has ever seen.

His poll numbers are lower than ever and even his own party is looking for ways to dump him.

But now Joe Biden just said this shocking thing that has the Democrats scratching their heads in bewilderment.

President Joe Biden is having a bad week. Wait, a bad year.

It seems everything he touches turns to, well, you know what.

The economy is a disaster, COVID deaths are far worse than they were under Trump, even with high vaccine rates, the military is in shambles, and the American people are furious with the Biden administration and the Democrats.

Just look at what happened in the November elections. Virginia went from a solid blue state back to deep red, and even New Jersey turned from deep blue to a deep purple.

Yet, Joe Biden seems not to have a clue.

Because despite all of this he recently issued a statement saying he will run for reelection in 2024.

But to his chagrin, many are calling for Biden not just to not run again, but to step away now.

And the calls for Joe Biden to step aside aren’t just coming from the right anymore.

The word on the street inside the Beltway is that Democrats have had enough with Biden and are making the case that he needs to step aside and let someone else carry the Democrat torch in 2024.

This isn’t really much of a surprise of course.

Joe Biden has made a complete mess of the country in less than a year, and his obviously declining mental health is only making matters worse.

Biden’s socialist “Build Back Better” spending bill has hit a real bump in the road and it now appears evident it won’t see a Senate vote before the end of the year, which could spell disaster for the president.

Everyone knows that beginning in January 2022 everything Congress does will be all about the midterms and which party takes control, so even those who may have initially supported Biden’s bill will start to keep it at arm’s length so it doesn’t cost them their seat in Congress.

Which means Biden’s popularity among leadership in his own party is waning, something sure to cause issues for the Democrats come next November.

Not being able to get enough senators on his side when Democrats hold the power in both houses of Congress is a sign of weakness for an incumbent Democrat president.

But it goes deeper than that. People on both sides of the aisle are realizing Joe Biden is not just a disaster of a president, he’s likely unfit to serve.

That’s why many top Democrats are quietly pushing the narrative that it would be in the best interests of the Democrat Party if Biden would announce now that he doesn’t intend to run again in 2024.

And further, they argue, it might be best for him to step away from the presidency now as well.

The big problem for Democrats, however, is who they would put in his place should he make the decision to step away. Democrat power brokers are not at all thrilled with Kamala Harris and fear Biden walking away now would lead to a disastrous Harris presidency that would decimate the Democrats in 2022 and 2024.

Kamala Harris has simply not turned into the rockstar politician the Left had hoped for and is clearly not able to handle the pressure of the Office of the Vice President, so any thoughts that she might just slide right in have gone out the window.

This leaves the Democrats in a real bind as they look ahead to the 2022 midterms.

One can only hope the GOP will nominate candidates who will fight to roll back horrible Democrat legislation and fight back against Democrat gains.

If the Republicans simply elect more Mitch McConnells, Roger Wickers, Liz Cheneys, and Kevin McCarthys, nothing will really change anyway.