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Facebook Censored This Respected Publication for an Article on Facebook Censorship

by x82hPEs

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s leftist overlord, doesn’t even try to deny that the social media platform censors dissenting information.

Zuckerberg, much like the other Big Tech billionaires, proudly wears his leftist censorship like a badge of honor as he silences critics and pushes the radical Biden agenda.

Now Facebook just actually censored a well-respected publication for an article on Facebook censorship!

The Facebook “fact-checkers” have gone so far with censorship of COVID information that they’ve actually flagged an article by The Federalist that discussed the dangers of Facebook and other Big Tech platform COVID censorship.

That’s right, Facebook shut down an article that warned of the very thing it’s doing.

Facebook flagged the article, titled “Forcing People Into COVID Vaccines Ignores Important Scientific Information,” with a “missing context” label.

The best part of the “flagging” is that the supposed “fact-check” doesn’t actually address the article from The Federalist, but instead tries to downplay the information in an article that The Federalist’s piece linked to.

In The Federalist’s article a link to a British article stated, “Only the Fully Vaccinated should fear the New ‘Worst Ever’ COVID-19 Variant; data shows they already account for 4 in every 5 COVID deaths.”

That is what the “fact-check” focused on, the linked article, not the actual article itself.

Facebook, and the left in general, doesn’t care about anything other than denying that COVID is not what they’ve made it out to be.

Zuckerberg, Fauci, Biden, and their other far-left allies know that if the American people find out what’s really happening, they will revolt.

Their COVID mask and vaccine mandates, lockdowns, business closures and school closures aren’t about public safety at all.

Instead, they are about control and turning the U.S. into a socialist nation.

COVID was used by the left as a test to see just how far they could push people and how far people would be willing to go to keep themselves “safe.”

To the Left’s credit it worked, but only for a little while. Many parts of the country have no trace of COVID mandates, lockdowns or regulations left.

The blue states, and red states like Indiana, that continue to force regulations on people are seeing massive spikes in COVID cases but Joe Biden neglects to inform the public of that information.

In an age where information is at most everyone’s fingertips, socialists like Mark Zuckerberg have to actively stop the flow of factual information so people are kept in the dark.

That is why Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other major Big Tech outlets are doing everything in their power to make sure Americans do not get the real truth about COVID, about the vaccines and about the failure of mask mandates.

But it’s even more nefarious than that.

Facebook uses “fact-checkers” to shut people down for dangerous or false information, yet now we find out that their fact-checkers aren’t even that.

In open court in a lawsuit against Facebook filed by John Stossel, Facebook’s defense is that their “fact-checkers” aren’t actually fact-checkers at all; they are just stating opinions.

That’s right. The next time you get shut down by Facebook due to fact-checkers, remember, it’s just some guy or gal with an opinion, Facebook said so, under oath, in a court of law.

Of course, that doesn’t matter to Zuckerberg. Truth never does to him.