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Biden’s FBI Continues its Violent Assaults and Now They’re Raiding Journalists

by x82hPEs

The left continues to censor and bully those who don’t kowtow to the Biden administration.

It’s so bad that Biden and his jack-booted thugs in the DOJ are hunting  down innocent people for having dissenting opinions.

And now theyre even raiding journalists.

As the news broke, most of the fair-minded and non-leftist controlled media sites (the few left) were horrified.

Despite following proper protocol both legally and ethically, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe’ found himself the target of an FBI raid.

And not just O’Keefe other members of his journalist team were raided at their offices and private residences.

All stemming from pre-2020 election reporting – reporting that wasn’t even done!

As readers of Deep State Journal know, the mudslinging and underhanded actions leading up to the 2020 presidential election read more like a cheap paperback romance novel than a general election.

There were attempts on both sides to take down “the other guy” and paint him and his “people” in a horrible light.

Of course, the Biden family comes with a long history of questionable behaviors from son Hunter’s constant run-ins with law enforcement and connections to foreign criminals, to Joe himself being called out for repeated lies and plagiarizing.

The fact is, theres no shortage of skeletons in the family closet.

One skeleton buried deep in the closet was the diary of Joe Biden’s troubled daughter, Ashley.

Ashley Biden’s diary, which allegedly contains incredibly damning information about her father, was rumored to have been stolen not long before the 2020 election.

Dozens of pages from the diary were published on numerous websites leading up to the 2020 presidential election.

What Ashley wrote in the diary is not just scandalous, but in many instances, mentioned flatout criminal activity.

However, despite evident criminal activity laid out in the diary and the very public illegal activity thats played out in Hunter Biden’s life over the years, the FBI responded by …

raiding the home of James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas.

Project Veritas is known for exposing the hypocritical and despicable behavior of the left.

Project Veritas has uncovered dirt on Planned Parenthood, CNN, The Washington Post, a former general, and many others.

James O’Keefe and his group are loathed by the left, but not just because of what they’ve exposed, but because O’Keefe is adamant about following ethical journalism practices and abiding by the law – something most journalists stopped doing decades ago.

In this particular situation, there’s no doubt O’Keefe followed the letter of the law when he allegedly ended up in possession of Ashley’s diary.

Project Veritas never revealed the information found in Ashley Biden’s diary, nor used it to disparage anyone. In fact, O’Keefe stated that he notified local law enforcement about the diary.

And O’Keefe and his associates were repaid for doing the right thing by having their homes raided.

Afterall, no good deed goes unpunished.

This entire ordeal sniffs of politics and many are saying it shows just how tight Joe Biden is with the FBI.

And there’s still yet to be any actual legal action taken against Hunter Biden.

Hunter has had numerous illegal business dealings with foreign countries, is known for his drug addiction, and has even implicated his own father the President of the United States in emails that outline activities that blatantly break the law.

It’s clear the United States legal system has been bought by the Biden family.

In a video statement released last Friday, O’Keefe stated his innocence and rehashed the facts and how the situation was handled:

“Our efforts were the stuff of responsible, ethical journalism, and we are in no doubt that Project Veritas acted properly at each and every step,” said O’Keefe.

America is in turmoil because of the corrupt nature of men like Joe Biden.

It’s time to hold the Democrat Party, Joe Biden, the DOJ, and the FBI accountable.