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Joe Biden is Determined to Do This One Thing That Has Conservatives Outraged

by x82hPEs

By now it’s no surprise to anyone that Joe Biden sold the American people a bill of goods.

He promised he wouldn’t politicize government agencies, but that was a blatant lie.

Now, Joe Biden is determined to do this one thing that has conservatives outraged.

Joe Biden really wanted Americans to believe he was going to make things “better” without dragging important issues through the political mud.

Unfortunately, many voters took him at his word — which was a costly mistake.

Case in point, Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Merrick Garland has always been one of the biggest proponents of politicizing and weaponizing the justice system – which is a major reason why he never made it onto the U.S. Supreme Court.

But now that he’s Biden’s Attorney General, Garland has the chance to make the Justice Department nothing but one big police-state operation.

And he’s doing exactly that.

In a move that is 100% a political attack, Garland announced that the DOJ has filed a lawsuit in federal court to block Texas’s new Heartbeat bill that bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

The Supreme Court already stated the Heartbeat law cannot be struck down until it has been enforced and Merrick Garland knows this.

Garland knows the ruling by the Supreme Court was, legally, the correct move.

He knows the defendants in the Texas case did not have standing to bring it before the court because the bill empowers private individuals, not Texas state officials, to enforce the new Heartbeat law.

Most anyone who reads it can see that until someone comes forward with a lawsuit to enforce the law – there is no case.

But none of that matters to Merrick Garland. He’s out to prove a point and show the country just how he intends to politicize the DOJ – the very agency he and Joe Biden promised not to politicize.

Biden and the Democrats are eager to please the pro-abort activists, so Garland has taken it upon himself to launch another legal effort against the Heartbeat law even though everyone – even Garland himself – knows this lawsuit is a waste of time and taxpayer dollars.

But it does help the Biden administration finish the work Obama started in the DOJ. It also turns attention away from Biden’s Afghanistan debacle and plummeting approval ratings.