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Apple Takes Another Bite Out of Your Privacy and it’s Rotten to the Core

by x82hPEs

You’re probably already aware that Apple is monitoring pretty much your every move.

Americans have willingly given up their privacy protections by owning Apple products.

But Apple’s latest bite out of your privacy is just rotten to its core.

Apple has obviously cornered the market on tracking people who use the company’s highly sought-after products.

From tracking where you drive via GPS (whether you ask it to or not), to reading your emails (so they can better advertise directly at you), to tracking your browser history – and some say even recording your conversations – the company knows almost everything there is to know about you.

The scary part is how many of us are okay with this because Apple products just make our lives easier.

But now Apple has announced a new system to check photos for “child abuse” imagery on a “country-by-country basis, depending on local laws.”

But while the move seems admirable on the surface and Apple is being praised by child safety organizations worldwide, they’re also being questioned as to how the algorithms will work in determining what is and is not child abuse.

Also at what point does Apple stop “reviewing” people’s photos?

The photo check system is raising concerns among some that the company is probing into users’ devices in ways that could be exploited by governments.

Apple says they have systems in place like “safety vouchers” that will protect Apple from government pressure to identify material other than child abuse images.

And, of course, they have a human review process just like Facebook.

Because we all know the Facebook “fact-checkers” are so unbiased. Yeah, right.

According to Apple, if the photo is deemed by a human to not include any child abuse imagery, then they won’t pass the image onto law enforcement.

Uh…. No one’s actually buying THAT are they?

Big Tech is looking for more ways to seek out information about people and their new child abuse initiative is just a ruse to make you feel good about it.

Many security experts say Apple is making a big mistake by showing its willingness to reach into their customers’ devices.

Once again, a liberal Big Tech firm proposes a plan to “protect” people, but a little more digging shows that they’re really just after the users’ information.

The days of protecting your private information are long gone.

The government is now actively leveraging companies like Apple to access the information of those they consider dissenters.

It won’t be long before they’re using this type of access to round up those who speak out against the administration.

It’s already done in other nations, and unless we mobilize and act soon, it will be here before you know it.