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Arizona School District Caught Red Handed Doing Disgusting Thing with Students

by x82hPEs

America’s government school systems are in crisis mode these days.

Between COVID shutdowns, teacher walkouts, critical race theory and transgender studies, students and parents alike are revolting.

And now, one school district in Arizona was caught red handed doing this disgusting thing with its students.

An Arizona school system received immense and immediate backlash after it attempted to survey students on a number of private matters usually reserved for parents to provide at their discretion.

This comes at a time when the radical left is on a mission to invade every citizen’s personal life by any means necessary, even if they’re underage.

Because one thing every parent knows is that kids can be brutally honest.

Given the opportunity and the proper setting, many kids will readily divulge things their parents would prefer remained behind closed doors.

And if pressured by someone the child respects as an authority figure like a teacher or principal, there’s no doubt most of them will cough up whatever information that adult is looking for.

So the radical left has decided to take advantage of this in school districts across the nation.

But one Arizona school district quickly learned that many families still take their privacy seriously.

Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) sent out an electronic consent form asking parents for permission to ask their children a series of questions regarding income, illegal activity in the home, gun ownership, and other sensitive topics.

The uproar from parents was quick and fierce and took the school district by complete surprise.

In a quick 180, the school district claimed the form hadn’t been adequately vetted before being given to students and that such private information would never be asked.

However, the damage had already been done, and once again, parents saw a glimpse into how government schools are operating as indoctrination centers.

According to one parent who posted the form on social media, the school was asking for this private information in order to do an “emotional health and wellness screening” of each child.

Arizona state law requires schools to get parental consent before asking students about a slew of sensitive topics – many which were listed on these questionnaires.

That’s right, the questions SUSD intended to ask its students were so sensitive, they are protected by law from being asked without parental consent.

The only reason a school should be seeking information that sensitive is if they have good cause to believe the child is in danger.

But, of course, that was not the case in this instance.

The real motive behind this supposed “wellness check” was so the school district could build incriminating profiles on the families whose values don’t line up with the radical leftist agenda.

It’s time for parents across the nations to realize that these government schools are brainwashing their children and must be stopped.