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Biden Faces Growing Demands From The Left To Take This Unconstitutional Action

by x82hPEs

The socialist left has been having a field day with Americans and their freedoms.

The only question is how far it’ll go now that Biden is facing growing demands to take this unconstitutional action.

There is no doubt the radical left and their Antifa stormtroopers have been in celebration mode ever since the “certified” results of the presidential election were announced.

What the Democrats haven’t been able to ram through Congress, they’ve convinced Biden to get done through executive order.

Fortunately, Trump-appointed judges have thwarted Creepy Uncle Joe at almost every turn, while Senate Republicans have (mostly) remained resolute in stopping any really bad legislation.

But one issue where even Joe Biden has drawn a line is the idea of forced vaccinations and vaccination passports.

He has correctly noted that it would be unconstitutional and even if he did mandate both it would be largely unenforceable and almost certainly struck down.

But there’s been a sharp increase in demands from so-called “health experts” for the Biden administration to promote the use of COVID-19 vaccine mandates and passports.

“The Biden administration shouldn’t be so squeamish about vaccine verification.” said George Washington University Public Health Professor Leana Wen as reported by The Hill.

This is the same Leana Wen who used to run Planned Parenthood.

And it’s not lost on us here at Deep State Journal that the same people who push eugenics and the slaughter of vulnerable human beings would also support a universal “passport” or mandated health procedures.

It seems like we’ve seen these two go together before. And it doesn’t end well.

Wen said the Biden administration should have endorsed a standard method of verifying who has been inoculated, labeling it a “missed opportunity.”

She pondered that many people might need a push to get the vaccine.

“There are a lot of people in the middle,” said Wen.

“They’re not eager to get the vaccine, but they’re also not anti-vaxxers. They need an additional push. And that push is still not there, because we have not been requiring proof of vaccination in order to return to normal.”

Meanwhile, states such as Florida, Texas, Georgia, and Iowa have outright banned vaccine passports – rightly citing privacy concerns and the violation to individual freedoms.

“Government should not require any Texan to show proof of vaccination and reveal private information just to go about their daily lives.” said Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

“That is why I issued an executive order that prohibits government-mandated passports in Texas. We will continue to vaccinate more Texans and protect public health and we will do so without treading on Texas’ personal freedoms.”

Let’s hope Biden remains firm on this one constitutional issue and ignores the advice of eugenicists like Leana Wen who’d have stormtroopers demanding to see our papers.

At least they haven’t started talking about the camps yet…. Have they?