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Donald Trump Was Right About the Deep State and This Case Proves It

by x82hPEs

The Department of Justice was taken over by Obama activists and they are still there.

To them, it doesn’t matter who the president is, they’ll continue their political prosecutions against those they don’t like.

That means Donald Trump was right about the Deep State all along. In fact, this case proves it.

The Department of Justice has become nothing more than a leftist political assassination squad, hunting down anyone who doesn’t toe the radical leftist line.

The case against Imaad Zuberi is a case that brings to light many of the troubling questions about our present criminal justice system and, particularly, its federal prosecutorial practices.

On February 11, 2021, Zuberi was sentenced to a 12-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to one count each of tax evasion, federal election campaign act violations, failure to register as a foreign agent, and obstruction of justice.

But recent letters to the Senate and House Judiciary Committees show there is so much more to this story.

Documents show Zuberi only chose to plead guilty after being told that if he did not, his wife would also be charged and his children would end up in foster care.

The letters to the House and Senate Committees also reveal that the same division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office that prosecuted Zuberi had given a complete pass to three other defendants being investigated for similar bribery, tax, and campaign violations.

In fact, foreign national and former Obama Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood was one of them.

But these same prosecutors argued strenuously that Zuberi’s 12-year prison sentence was necessary to deter further campaign finance violations.

Notably, the court justified Zuberi’s long sentence, in part, because the prosecutor said Zuberi had obstructed justice by deleting emails.

Emails we now know were deleted by the U.S. government!

In breaking news, Zuberi and his defense team have found that those deleted emails had evidence of his innocence.

Predominantly, Zuberi has been a Democrat fundraiser. However, like many businessmen, he’s donated to politicians in both parties.

But in December of 2016, Zuberi committed the ultimate sin by donating $900,000 to the Trump Inauguration Committee.

Two months later, IRS agents show up on his doorstep with Grand Jury subpoenas to investigate potential tax violations.

Now, normally the government doesn’t bother pursuing cases like Zuberi’s unless they’re looking to catch a big fish.

For example, when the government couldn’t build a bootlegging case against Al Capone, they went after him for tax evasion and ultimately locked him up for 11 years.

But Imaad Zuberi is no Al Capone, so why the interest in his taxes?

Because Robert Mueller’s big fish was President Donald Trump and the Deep State DOJ was willing to destroy anyone to try and develop evidence against Trump.

According to sources close to Mr. Zuberi’s case, prosecutors even asked Zuberi to wear a wire to gather incriminating evidence against President Trump, but Zuberi refused, pointing out that he was neither a Trump insider nor did he have knowledge of any criminal wrongdoing by Trump.

During a meeting with the U.S. Attorney’s Office to discuss Zuberi’s potential cooperation, the lead prosecutor in the case made accusations that Zuberi’s recently deceased mother had committed campaign finance violations.

At trial, a prosecutor has to prove a defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. But when a defendant pleads guilty, the prosecutor has a much lower burden of proof, even in the sentencing phase.

The prosecutor in Zuberi’s case not only took full advantage of this, he also mischaracterized evidence and the scope of Zuberi’s past cooperation to support the maximum possible sentence.

Now, the evidence from newly-discovered emails that were deleted by the government show Zuberi is innocent on the alleged FARA and FECA violations, casting serious doubt on the rest of the government’s case.

In relation to the violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA, Zuberi’s team has recently recovered the emails showing that he requested one of his attorneys to submit the proper paperwork to register for FARA.

The most shocking revelation has to do with Zuberi’s conviction for a FARA violation involving Sri Lanka.

Newly-recovered emails given to Deep State Journal show a person who worked for Zuberi, whom Mr. Zuberi believes was a U.S. government agency employee at the time, was leading the activity that required FARA registration.

Despite the prosecution’s access to thousands of emails showing this government employee had control of the Sri Lanka project, the prosecution did not mention him in any court filings.

Also in court filings, the prosecutor made allegations of violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) against Zuberi knowing these allegations were, in fact, false.

The prosecutor knew these allegations should have been directed at a former business associate of Zuberi’s named Husam “Sam” Jauhari.

Perhaps the best example of prosecutorial misconduct is the charge that he was responsible for three $2,700 donations by foreign individuals to the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign.

Zuberi recently recovered emails with documents proving that it was Sam Jauhari who was responsible for those contributions.

Those documents include contribution forms for Jauhari’s wife, who is a Kuwaiti citizen; Mohammed Al-Rahbani – a dual citizen of Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom and husband of Kate Shiller Al-Rahbani; and Laila Hilal, a dual Lebanese and Venezuelan citizen.

The donation forms show Jauhari’s campaign finance bundler code which was provided to him by the Clinton campaign.

In conclusion, we have an innocent man who is being sent to jail not for his crimes, but for politics.

This is what our justice system has become.

We will keep you updated on all breaking news in this story.