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Liz Cheney Now Has The Support Of This Supposed Pro-Liberty Congresswoman

by x82hPEs

The Wyoming Congresswoman is facing a firestorm of opposition both in D.C. and at home.

But the neocon poster child is picking up some strange support in her fight to remain in power.

In fact, Liz Cheney now has the support of one congresswoman many claimed was a “pro-liberty” leader.

The embattled chairwoman of the House Republican Conference – and daughter of infamous neocon leader Dick Cheney – is facing her second fight for her position in the House GOP caucus.

While Cheney, who has led the House Republican Conference since Jan. 3, 2019, has well-known ties to former GOP Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, less known is Cheney’s close ties to two of Ryan’s longtime political advisors Kevin Seifert and Jeff Livingston.

Seifert is a political advisor to Cheney and also serves as a senior advisor to Ryan’s American Idea Foundation – a non-profit launched with a $7 million-dollar transfer from Ryan’s campaign funds.

Livingston served as the senior financial advisor for Paul Ryan’s political operations during his time as Speaker and is a partner at Virginia-based political consulting firm, Townsend Group, which has been raising money for Ryan since 2005.

Townsend Group also raises money for other “Never-Trump” RINOs like Bill Cassidy (R-LA), Pat Toomey (R-PA), and Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV). 

During the 2020 election, Cheney’s political organizations did a lot of business with Livingston and the Townsend Group, paying the firm more than $500,000 for the year – making Cheney their single biggest client in the 2020 cycle.

And another client of Townsend Group is Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R.-S.C.).

While Mace had been considered by many to be the next pro-liberty leader like Thomas Massie or Rand Paul, when “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd asked Mace about Cheney, she smiled broadly and said, “We’ve got to do a better job and I hope – and I support Liz Cheney – and I hope that she stays a part of leadership. We need these voices right now more than ever.”

In fact, Cheney and Mace are also scheduled to host a Capitol Hill in-person fundraiser together in June.

Natalie Johnson, Mace’s communications director, has not responded to questions regarding the Congresswoman’s business relationship with Livingston and the Townsend Group.

Of course, not shockingly, Johnson was also the deputy press secretary for Cheney’s GOP conference leadership office before joining Mace’s staff.

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