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Joe Biden’s Bizarre Performance Has Increased Talk of This Shocking Development

by x82hPEs

President Biden finally gave us his first solo news conference.

And it was obvious why he tried so long to avoid it.

In fact, Biden’s performance was so bizarre that it’s increasing talk on this shocking development.

As our readers should know, we here at Deep State Journal are no fan of Fox News. Most of us consider them part of the mainstream media destroying our nation.

But sometimes, even Fox News gets it right.

During what was his very first solo news conference as President, Joe Biden delivered a bizarre performance where he repeatedly lost his train of thought, and rambled through just ten questions before calling it quits.

And Fox News contributor and former George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer noticed something disturbing.

Fleischer took to Twitter to point out that Biden seemed to be reading both the press questions and scripted answers out of a notebook. https://twitter.com/AriFleischer/status/1375139910378741763?s=20

Of course, none of the questions were all that difficult in the first place and were pathetically one-sided and predictable.

But now we know that Biden was also given a seating chart with every reporter’s name and face on it.

A photograph from the press conference shows each reporter’s face had been circled and numbered in the order Biden was to call on them for questions.

And yet even with a chart of preselected reporters and preselected questions, Biden still made a fool of himself with rambling answers, randomly shouting to no one in particular at times, even at one point saying he entered the Senate 120 years ago.

When the spectacle was over, many Americans could see why his staff had kept him hidden away from extended questioning for over 60 days.

Meanwhile, D.C. was abuzz with talks of an ever-impending Harris presidency.

After all, Kamala Harris is running foreign policy and the crisis at the border while Biden is just trying to make it up the steps.

In fact, the talk in political circles is no longer IF Kamala Harris becomes president – but when.

The smart money is on sometime before next November.