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Shocking Sexual Harassment Cover Up in the Land of the Lincoln Project

by x82hPEs

One group of political consultants and GOP hacks claimed they had the moral backbone to oppose Trump.

It turns out they had not one bone of morality between them.

Because now reports are showing there was a huge cover-up of a growing sex scandal in the land of the Lincoln Project.

Most political pundits knew that any organization headed-up by the likes of Bill Kristol, John Weaver, Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, and their ilk was bound to be rotten to the core.

These consultants brought us RINOs like John McCain, Mitt Romney, John Kasich and other establishment “Republicans.” 

But as horrible as this group of ne’er-do-wells was predicted to be, they just couldn’t help but outdo even the wildest predictions.

As a major sex scandal involving one founder of the Lincoln Project, John Weaver, continues to grow, co-founder George Conway has announced it’s time for the “Never-Trump” Super-PAC to close its doors.

Accusations from several young men surfaced claiming Weaver had sent them unsolicited and inappropriate sexual messages followed by promises of career advancement. 

At least one of the accusers was a 14-year-old boy at the time.

Now new reports came out this week claiming several of the top executives at Lincoln Project had been aware of the sexual harassment allegations made against Weaver as early as March of last year.

Reports show no one took any action except to try and bury the scandal.

This new information raises serious concerns considering the organization claimed just last month how shocked they were to learn of John Weaver’s sexual behavior. 

The Lincoln Project’s weak and laughable response to the scandal got so bad that even Karl Rove was forced to admit that everyone in Washington D.C. knew about Weaver’s activities with young men.

Multiple critics say the organization covered up the allegations so their anti-Trump efforts (and the big paydays that came with it) would not be derailed by Weaver’s extracurricular activities.

Since the scandal first broke in January, the number of men to come forward has reached 21 – and it’s likely there will be more.

No wonder the rats are deserting ship.