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ISIS Commits These Unspeakable Acts After Joe Biden Proclaimed “President-Elect”

by x82hPEs

While Americans await the certified results of the presidential election, the media has already anointed Joe Biden.

This is having major repercussions around the world as America’s enemies, normally kept in check by Trump, are now feeling emboldened knowing Biden is weak.

And nowhere has this been more deadly than in Mozambique where ISIS fanatics just committed these unspeakable acts.

Here in the U.S., we continue the fight in determining the rightful winner of the presidential election – something that will not be determined officially until at least December 14.

And yet the Democrats and so-called “mainstream media” have taken it upon themselves to declare Joe Biden as the “President-elect.”

While that’s annoying here at home – around the world, the media’s bold and irresponsible behavior is proving literally deadly.

Because America’s enemies, normally kept in check by a strong, savvy President Donald Trump, are now chomping at the bit to return to their normal anti-American activities.

In the past days, we’ve seen crackdowns in Hong Kong, the Communist Chinese make threats against India and Taiwan, and Russian troops move into Azerbaijan.

And now ISIS – all but defeated under Trump – has thrust its way back into the news with some brazen and bloody attacks.

The most horrible of these actions took place in Mozambique where ISIS-linked militants beheaded more than 50 men and boys, then brutally chopped up their bodies.

Additionally, dozens of women and children were abducted in Nanjaba village.

Women are continually targeted for kidnapping by ISIS-backed jihadists who keep them as sex slaves.

“They burned the houses then went after the population who had fled to the woods and started with their macabre actions,” Bernardino Rafael, commander-general of Mozambique’s police said during a media briefing on the massacre.

This latest action follows closely on the heels of suspected ISIS militants beheading at least 20 men and teenagers at a male initiation ceremony in the Muidumbe District.

“Police learnt of the massacre committed by the insurgents through reports of people who found corpses in the woods,” a Mozambique police officer said. The Pentagon has already warned that ISIS is planning to take over swaths of Africa using “staggeringly brutal” tactics like they did in Syria and Iraq.

And now that most believe a Biden presidency is in the cards, there are growing concerns that Iran, the Communist Chinese, Russia, and other aggressors are just waiting to pounce.

Of course, should Trump’s legal challenges hold up, ISIS may want to put their plans on hold.