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Joe Biden Hires Hundreds of Lawyers in Preparation of These Election Lawsuits

by x82hPEs

Ever since Hillary was supposed to win the presidency in 2016, Democrats have claimed Donald Trump would never accept a loss.

Republicans have, of course, countered that it is Hillary who, to this day, still can’t accept her loss to Trump.

And now, it appears Joe Biden is getting set to join Hillary as he hires hundreds of lawyers to prepare these lawsuits.

It is hard to figure out who was more upset that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, in what almost all political “experts” thought was a major upset.

Hillary was of course apoplectic, members of the media cried on-air, political prognosticators sat in stunned silence, and Bill Kristol allegedly threw a hissy fit as he is wont to do.

Many in Hollywood shut down in a drug-hazed journey of self-reflection and tears and called on their good friends Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein for comfort.

But the most devastated of all were the Deep State operatives within the government who suddenly had a boss whose goal was to find them and root them out. To “Drain the Swamp.”

Not even Trump’s most ardent supporters knew just how deep that swamp truly is.

From Capitol Hill to the White House, from K Street to Foggy Bottom and from the Pentagon to Langley, Trump’s enemies dug in and came up with battle plans.

And they’ve been fighting him ever since.

Now, in preparation of Trump’s reelection this November, they have begun their next plan of attack.

First, they tried impeachment. Then they tried impeachment again, and again.

Then they started the claims that he won’t leave if he loses in November. Even saying the military will need to forcibly remove him from office.

They’ve doubled down on that claim in the last few weeks as poll numbers for Biden drop. They are setting the stage for a claim that, no matter the truth, Trump loses. Even if he carries 49 states, they will claim he lost.

That’s why Joe Biden is already in the process of amassing an enormous legal army in anticipation of November’s election.

Biden’s campaign team has even said the legal operation will be “the largest election protection program in the history of any presidential campaign.”

Senior campaign staff say that the move is necessary to preserve the integrity of the election especially in regard to the corrupt mail-in voting system being forced on Americans by Democrat officials.

Biden’s general counsel, Dana Remus, will oversee the enormous legal operation along with Bob Bauer, one of Barack Obama’s former White House Counsels.

Two former solicitors general will oversee the campaign’s so-called “special litigation” unit, which will be dedicated to filing thousands of lawsuits and legal challenges in counties and towns around the country.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder, known for has abject corruption during the Obama years, will act as a liaison between the campaign and the hundreds of law firms who will be getting rich off of Democrat donors.

With all the Democrats are doing and saying this year, and with the aid of the media, it is evident they are prepared to do what Hillary Clinton urged Biden to do: Never Concede.

What’s also clear is a whole bunch of lawyers will be having a very good Christmas indeed.