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This Donald Trump Confidant Has a New Book Out and it Devastates the Deep State

by x82hPEs

Most Americans know there was a calculated and concerted effort by Obama administration officials and Deep State operatives to remove Donald Trump from office.

But what we are still finding out is just how far they went to carry out their unconstitutional, power-hungry plot.

And a new book by this Trump confidant devastates the entire Deep State operation.
More and more information is coming out about the failed coup attempt on Donald Trump.

Based on the phony allegations from the Christopher Steele “dossier,” top FBI officials and the Obama DOJ lied in order to obtain FISA warrants, lied to the targets of the investigations, lied to Congress, and lied to the American people.

Already one DOJ official has pled guilty to crimes in the attempt to overthrow the President.

Now, one of Trump’s former campaign aides, Carter Page, has a new book that details even more shocking information.

The release of his book comes on the heels of the guilty plea from a former FBI lawyer who admitted to altering evidence in the case against Page.

The evidence altered was an email from a CIA analyst who clearly confirmed that Carter Page “was a source” for the agency.

The email was changed to read that Page “was not a source” by the FBI lawyer.

Page reveals in his book that CIA agents had recruited him as source in Moscow and that he provided the agency with information on suspected Russian intelligence officers.

But Page also revealed that he provided the CIA with intelligence regarding the Communist Chinese energy industry.

As readers of Deep State Journal know, that is important information to have.

While most of the focus has been on Russian influence and disruption, more and more evidence is being uncovered that it is the Communist Chinese and their close involvement with Joe and Hunter Biden that’s most concerning.

As Page writes in his book titled “Abuse and Power”:
“Though it has never before been reported, I was also happy to meet with CIA agents to discuss what I’ve learned about China and my insight into other countries as well.”

While Page has avoided talking about his work with the CIA, it became a hot topic thrust into public view last year with the release of the Inspector General’s report regarding the FBI’s illegal investigation into Donald Trump and the Trump campaign.

As we now know, the entire “Russian collusion” investigation was fabricated by a group of disgruntled Deep State operatives and Obama officials in cahoots with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

While John Durham’s probe into the FBI and DOJ’s anti-Trump plot continues, Page’s book offers a unique insight into what really happened.

We will keep you updated on the ongoing and vitally important investigation as more information is available.