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Hillary Clinton Issues Shocking Instructions to Joe Biden as Election Polls Tighten

by x82hPEs

Everyone in Washington, D.C. knows Hillary Clinton will never come to terms with her spectacular loss to Donald Trump in 2016.

The former First Lady and Obama Secretary of State even had her Deep State minions work to overthrow Trump and she still lost.

So Hillary is issuing some shocking instructions to Joe Biden as his chance for victory diminishes.

It’s impossible to measure the shockwave that shook through America’s liberal enclaves that early November morning in 2016.
The Deep State’s anointed candidate had just lost. And lost to THAT man.

It was devastating – from the Gucci-wearing powerbrokers on K Street, to the Democrat apparatus and “Never Trump” Republicans crying into their chardonnay.

They couldn’t understand how Donald Trump had beaten the fair-haired, if somewhat unlikable, Madam Hillary.

The smartest Democrats and liberal minds gathered with George Soros bought attorneys to figure out if there was any way they could throw out the results.

But as hard as they tried, they just couldn’t come up with a plan.

And so, Hillary conceded.

But now, spurred from growing unrest and lawlessness – and emboldened by fancy thinktank scenarios showing the military will support them – Hillary has stern advice for Joe Biden come election night.

In an August 25th interview, Hillary cautioned, “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances, because I think this is going to drag out, and eventually, I do believe he will win if we don’t give an inch and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is.”

Hey – remember when the Democrats said they feared Donald Trump wouldn’t concede in 2016?

Well now it’s 2020 and some political observers are predicting this will be the closest presidential election in American history.

Many say a winner may not be declared on election night due to massive mail-in voting delays and fraud.

Democrats and leftist activists say the mail-in push is only being done because of the communist Chinese coronavirus.
They’ve already accused the Post Office of trying to slow down the mail-in process – something most astute observers laugh off as a liberal conspiracy theory.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump and Republicans fear the massive mail-in effort will be fraught with lost ballots and fraud, throwing the entire election into turmoil.

They point to repeated problems already this year and the fact that tens of millions of ballots from primary elections were lost or stolen.

Both sides agree election night could be a long one with recounts, legal challenges, and accusations of fraud and voter intimidation.
We’ll have to wait and see whether Joe Biden will take Hillary’s advice when he loses, however, one thing is certain. The Deep State plays for keeps.

Patriotic Americans should be on guard for just about anything.
Afterall, they’ve already shown they will lie, cheat, steal – and likely even commit murder – just to stay in power.