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This Hollywood Star Claims Donald Trump Will Steal Election in This Shocking Way

by x82hPEs

There is no doubt Hollywood is a cesspool of left-wing and socialist radicals who hate Donald Trump and his supporters for any imaginary reason.

But sometimes these pampered millionaires just take it too far for even the media to except.

Because this Hollywood star got slammed for claiming Trump supporters were trying to steal the election through this shocking manner.
The absolute hatred and anger of President Donald Trump in Hollywood is beyond explanation or comprehension.

The garbage and filth from Hollywood’s spoiled and pampered millionaire movie stars toward the president, his supporters and Americans in general is beyond human understanding.

From screaming, crying, hair pulling Alyssa Milano, to the foul mouthed and always angry Ron Perlman, and of course that bad boy big mouth Robert DeNiro, Hollywood seems to be ready to literally implode into a pit of seething anger and resentment.

Trump and his supporters have been accused of racism, sexism, destroying the planet, and even murder.

The president has been blamed for everything from natural disasters, to every shooting, and even for the Antifa led rioting, raping and murdering going on around the country.

In short, there is almost nothing that the Hollywood millionaires in their multi-million-dollar mansions won’t blame this president for.
But now, one member of Hollywood royalty may have actually taken it too far, even for her fellow Beverly Hill denizens.

Earlier this week, Jamie Lee Curtis raised eyebrows and received a mountain of scorn with a tweet she sent claiming a “conspiracy” involving supporters of President Trump literally stealing U.S. Post Office trucks.

Yep, the Halloween starlet and daughter of Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, took to Twitter to show her true disdain of the President and his supporters.

Curtis took to Twitter to share a photo supposedly taken from Beverly Hills– on Santa Monica Boulevard to be exact– and the star said she was alarmed by who was driving the truck hauling a U.S. Postal Service vehicle.
“I swear, in broad daylight, the driver of the red truck had a red cap on with white letters.

Conspiracy? Outright attempt at stealing the election by denying the access of the @USPS? Let’s not let it happen! @JoeBiden,” Curtis tweeted.

While it remains unclear if she was joking when she made the claim, the actress sparked plenty of mockery on social media for her tweet.

“I want to believe this is a joke and not that she’s this stupid,” writer Ben McDonald said.
A Senior advisor to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Matt Whitlock wrote, “Stealing mail trucks in broad daylight! The nerve!”

But that was just the start of the responses to the Trading Places star.
“Didn’t think election conspiracy twitter could get any dumber than the Russia hoax. yet here we are,” Daily Caller’s Logan Hall tweeted.
And National Review senior writer David Harsanyi said, “I can’t stop laughing at this. KAMALA, FIND THAT TRUCK!”

Of course, Jamie Lee Curtis and her Hollywood pals are likely just upset over the President’s continued opposition to mail-in balloting.

President Trump has been especially outspoken in recent weeks expressing his unwavering opposition towards mail-in voting and insisting mail-in voting will result in rampant voter fraud and delayed election results will take place in November.

Maybe rather than trying to be cute on Twitter, the actress should try and find out where the millions of missing mail-in ballots from this year are located.