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College Students Everywhere Are About to Cancel the Last Democrat You’d Ever Expect

by x82hPEs

Cancel culture is a very real and very toxic infestation on American society.

But sometimes it actually works out in our favor as the cancel culture mobs ends up cancelling Democrats, liberals, progressives, and other socialists.

And liberal college students everywhere are about to cancel the last Democrat you’d ever expect.

As we gear up for the 2020 general election, we still don’t know who Joe Biden will choose as his running mate, but it looks like Senator Kamala Harris may be a safe bet.

But Senator Kamala Harris’s track record as a prosecutor in San Francisco was shaky and quite controversial.

Despite her progressive politics, Harris is responsible for putting more than 1,500 marijuana offenders behind bars – only to later admit that she had experimented with the drug herself and laugh it off with impunity.

But you might be surprised to learn that college students are waking up to her hypocritical past.

College students were recently interviewed by Campus Reform about the possibility of Biden selecting Harris as his running mate and most students argued it would be inappropriate to select Harris because they agree with the problems regarding her approach to illegal drugs.

One student said, “It’s difficult for me to say. Obviously, I’m not a person of color so it’s especially difficult for me to say. I would say we should probably not have Kamala Harris.”

Another student chimed in, “I know Kamala Harris has that history as a prosecutor…what America needs right now is someone who is progressive and adaptive to change. I don’t think the vice-presidential nominee should have that kind of history.”

Another student then said, “I think it takes a lot of nerve for people to be doing that. There’s so many other people in the world that have like different opinions and will make the world a so much better place.”

It’s hard to argue with these students.

The Democrats might talk a good game because they’re politicians, but we see who they really are by their actions. Take Biden himself – he was responsible for the 1990’s crime bill that resulted in the mass incarceration of minorities.

Now he’s in love with Black Lives Matter?

It’s refreshing to see these young minds starting to wake up to the nonsense.