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Whistleblower Exposes Facebook’s Deep State Ties With Mind-Blowing Revelation

by x82hPEs

Unless they cut out their anti-freedom nonsense, we may not be far off from seeing a world without Facebook.

The social media giant is playing multiple sides by saying they shouldn’t be the “arbiter of the truth” while simultaneously censoring posts of conservative users.

And Facebook’s “status” just got exponentially worse after this whistleblower exposed the social media giant’s deep state ties in a mind-blowing revelation.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s actions as of late have become painfully predictable because he’s trying to pander to both sides of the political aisle.

This is the guy who says social media companies shouldn’t be the “arbiter of truth” in response to Twitter flagging President Trump’s posts, but then vows to crack down on “misinformation” spread on his platform.

It’s become clearer than ever that Facebook is a huge part of the deep state because they can manipulate the masses by spreading liberal propaganda.

And if you don’t believe that it’s true, maybe you’ll take Ryan Hartwig’s word for it.

Ryan is a high-ranking insider at a third-party company called Cognizant that performs services for Facebook, including content moderation.

Hartwig, in an interview last week on Breitbart News Tonight, revealed Facebook’s corporate left-wing bias.

“There’s definitely a lot of bias, [and] it wasn’t just the content moderators, it’s the policy itself that’s biased and rigged against conservatives. Just a quick example … if you’re attacking someone, you can call someone a ‘Trump-humper’ but you can’t call them a ‘feminazi,’ so words and phrases that are usually tied to left-wing people, you can’t call them that. Even if I report that [anti-conservative] post, it would still stay on the platform.”

Hartwig went on to give an even more specific example when he said, “During pride month of June 2018… they said, we’re making an exception to policy. Now normally in the hate speech policy you can’t attack anyone because of their gender entities, but they said hey, during pride month it’s okay to attack straight white males and call them ‘filth’ if it’s in the context of attacking them for not supporting LGBT.” It extended [to] other policies as well… Fairly recently, towards the end of my tenure there, they said it’s not a violation to call someone ‘white trash’ when before it was. So they modified the policy. Same thing goes with calling cops ‘pigs’ … they specifically said in their guidance to us that that would now be allowed.”
Basically, Facebook allowed its users to demonize white people and police officers because that lines up with their liberal narrative.

Lastly, Hartwig concluded, “It came from the top. The policy was shaped by left-wing individuals who were seeking to influence the discourse and also influence the election.”
How many times do we have to catch Zuckerberg red-handed? He just got a slap on the wrist over the Cambridge Analytica scandal where Facebook was caught selling users’ data to the highest bidder.

Now, they’ve been caught propagating the demonization of conservative ideology. When will enough be enough?

Well, it may be sooner than you think. As Facebook’s stock plummets, the left continues their boycotts. And ironically, it will be the left-wing cancel culture that ends Zuckerberg’s social experiment.