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Twitter Ignored ‘Fact-Checking’ Obama Deep State Operative’s Divisive Rhetoric

by x82hPEs

When it comes to social media platforms double standards on free speech, the question is not do they exist but how many double standards can they have. 

Facebook is under fire right now because they just created a “board” of liberally biased “fact-checkers” to peruse posts and flag posts that go against their personal agenda. 

And Twitter just ignored “fact-checking” this former President Obama deep state media operative’s divisive rhetoric. 

You have probably already read about the escalating conflict between President Donald Trump and Twitter recently. President Trump posted two tweets regarding mail-in voting and the potential hazards of mass voter fraud. 

Twitter “fact-checked” both of those tweets and flagged them for “misinformation,” completely disregarding the fact that it was an opinion, based on facts,  about the potential hazards of mail-in voting. Following that, Twitter flagged another one of his posts calling for the rioters across the country to stop looting for “glorifying violence,” which was unsurprisingly the opposite meaning of his tweet. 

President Trump issued an executive order to hold these social media companies accountable for attempting to curb political bias. This kind of unchecked aggression against freedom of speech is not what our Founding Fathers intended. 

To make matters worse, Twitter “fact-checks” conservatives but apparently turns the other check for liberals, even when there is incorrect information in their tweet. That’s what happened to CNN reporter Reza Aslan who recently tweeted claiming incorrectly, and without any evidence, that President Trump’s supporters were among those responsible for the violence and looting. He also aggressively called all supporters of President Trump, “white supremacists.” 

Aslan wrote, “White Supremacists=Trump Supporters. These are Trump supporters burning and looting, monitoring alleged criminals online, including postings by suspected white supremacists trying to incite violence.”

 This was in response to Minnesota officials – the epicenter of the current riots – claiming many of the violent protesters that caused widespread damage were not from Minnesota – they were from out of state. 

But you didn’t see Twitter labeling that tweet as “misinformation.” 

Twitter also failed to take action against several verified blue-checkmark accounts that shared a doctored photo of the Minneapolis police officer charged with the death of George Floyd, wearing a red MAGA hat but instead of reading the slogan “Make America Great Again” it read “Make Whites Great Again.” 

One of the first verified accounts to share the photo was far-left activist and radio host Talbert Swan who wrote, “Here is Derek Chauvin, the racist cop who kept his knee on #GeorgeFloyd’s neck, cut off his air passage and murdered him, wearing a ‘Make Whites Great Again’ hat, a clear sign that this piece of excrement should’ve been taken off the streets a long time ago.”

Even after being called out for sharing this fake news photo, Swan refused to apologize and told people asking for a correction to “go to Hades.” That’s a Greek mythology underworld reference where “hades” is a sunless place where the souls of those who died went after death. In other words, Swan is using another word for “hell.” Swan thinks he’s clever but he’s not.  

And then Swan self-deleted his tweet. 

President Trump is about to go to war with big technology and social media companies that try to meddle in free speech, as well he should. The executive order he just signed seeks to activate the FCC, FTC, and Department of Justice to narrow tech companies’ legal immunities and investigate the companies’ failure to uphold political neutrality as a potential deceptive business practice.

Your move social media giants.