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President Trump Will ‘Take On’ Academic Espionage From This Powerful Country

by x82hPEs

When President Trump won the 2016 General Election against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, universities across the country created “safe spaces’ for their students to “rationalize” his victory.

They simply couldn’t handle the reality. This is when millions of Americans woke up to the notion that liberal propaganda and liberal indoctrination at universities and colleges across the country was much more of a widespread serious problem than anybody thought.

And now President Trump will “take on” academic espionage at our colleges and universities by this powerful country with a very sinister agenda.

There’s a lot of chaos in America right now amid both the global Chinese-released pandemic and the Antifa orchestrated riots spawning all over the country following the death of Minnesotan George Floyd.

And on top of the rampant chaos in the streets, we still have other detrimental issues plaguing our country.

For instance, America’s colleges and universities are overrun by liberal professors and faculty with a distinct anti-President Trump and anti-American agenda. That’s why higher learning institutions across the country created “safe spaces” immediately after the election so that students could reconcile with the idea that President Trump will be their leader for at least the next four years, probably eight.

But on top of America’s colleges becoming liberal ideology cesspools, China is also pushing ulterior pro-communism agendas that have become an immediate threat.

In an interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed President Trump’s administration would “take on” the threat of espionage activities by Chinese students and researchers with ties to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and its intelligence apparatus.

Sec. Pompeo added the Trump administration determined the need to “protect the American people from the threats that the Chinese Communist Party presents to the United States.”

This was called attention to by Ingraham who noted a piece in the New York Times claiming the administration is “planning to expel Chinese grad students with ties to China’s military schools,” which he also admitted was a terrible spin on the initiative to combat a communist takeover on America’s universities.

Sec. Pompeo responded, “We’re taking seriously the threat that students that come here who have connections deeply to the Chinese state, they shouldn’t be here in our schools spying,” while also adding, “As a former CIA director, I take seriously the threat of espionage inside of our country. We know we have this challenge. President Trump, I am confident, is going to take that on. I don’t want to get in front of what he’s going to say tomorrow, but the American people should know that the Chinese Communist Party has worked to have enormous influence here in the United States. This isn’t a “Red scare” and this isn’t racist. The Chinese people are great people. This is like the days of the Soviet Union; this is a communist, tyrannical regime that poses real risks to the United States. And we have an obligation – a duty – to make sure that students who are coming here to study, to take the benefits of coming to America to learn and to benefit from what we can provide to them, aren’t acting on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party.”

In November, Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) revealed in an investigation he conducted that universities across the country routinely help the Chinese government steal American technology and while also getting taxpayer funding for Chinese research.

This evidence was largely ignored by Democrats in Congress and intelligence services like the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Even worse, it has also been proven recently that Communist China is attempting to sway the narrative that Covid-19 originated in the Wuhan Territory and they’re using university students to get this message across.

The Chairman of Adam Smith International, Martin Davidson, told the New York Times in 2012 that the controversial organization, the Confucius Institute program, bribes colleges with large sums from the Chinese government in exchange for control over American campus discourse on China. That continues to this day.

President Trump’s administration is doing the right thing here. In fact, they should be even more aggressive about it.