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Here’s More Proof That Facebook is a Huge Part of the Deep State Media

by x82hPEs

Facebook has become one of the most dangerous and powerful social media platforms in the world because of the sheer amount of disinformation that runs through it day in and day out.

Every day there are new conspiracy theories, heavily doctored clips taken wildly out of context, and fake news almost all of it from the left-wing fake news media.

And Facebook head-honcho Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook has no intention of fixing this problem before the 2020 general election. In fact, here’s even more proof that Facebook is a huge part of the deep state media problem.

Just a week ago, Facebook removed a video of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe asking National Guard personnel about their opinions on the global pandemic and coronavirus testing.

At one point in the video, an Army National Guardsman tells O’Keefe that, in his opinion, “It’s the flu. It’s a cold,” referring to the coronavirus.

Another official at the testing center agreed that everyone she’d seen come through was “not so bad.”

So Facebook blacklisted the video claiming it was in violation of its policies on Covid-19 misinformation.

But O’Keefe made it a point to include footage of the official also saying, “There are bad cases, I know that too.”

Of course, that didn’t stop CNN correspondent Oliver Darcy from taking to Twitter to say, “Equating Covid-19 with the common flu could cause people not to take the advice of medical professionals and thus contribute to the virus’ spread.”

But this is just how Facebook and social media operate nowadays. They desperately want to be the deep state media’s ally.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s nine official fact-checking partners, including allegedly prestigious outlets like the Associated Press and Reuters, failed to conduct a single fact-check on an article from Huffington Post repeating the misleading claim that President Trump has “stake” in hydroxychloroquine.

The reality is President Trump’s family trust has a small investment in a mutual fund that owns shares in Sanofi, a hydroxychloroquine drug maker. To say he has stake in the drug would be like saying just because there’s a meth lab in a small trailer park, everybody who owns a trailer is guilty of drug manufacturing.

That article was shared 24,000 times on Facebook too.

None of the other “third-party fact-checkers” that decide what’s true and what’s false have displayed any interest in the left-wing media spreading misinformation.

When asked about the Huffington Post article, a PolitiFact spokesperson responded, “Your email is the first question or notice we’ve received about the Huffington Post claim. We will consider it along with all the other requests we get.”

The problem is Facebook has emboldened these “fact-checkers” without any sort of oversight.

Facebook has become too powerful and manipulative for its own good. What used to be a harmless way to reconnect with friends is now one of the most powerful platforms for news.

And, of course, Facebook continues to run every article from CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, MSNBC, ABC – even though these media giants routinely report false news and flat-out lies.