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Deep State Corruption Takes Root in the Deep South With Massive Embezzlement Scheme

by x82hPEs

We all know about the massive Deep State corruption in the federal government.

And there is no doubt its reach goes to many state capitols in Democrat-run states.

But now Deep State corruption has taken root in the deeply red deep south as seen by this massive embezzlement scheme.

The corruption, greed and fraudulent spending of taxpayer dollars used to be an issue that united Americans from all sides of the political spectrum.

Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, moderate or socialist, libertarian or anarchist, the one thing everyone could agree on was the embezzlement of taxpayer money was a serious crime.

Unfortunately as the federal government, and may state governments, grew at alarming rates the acceptance of “a little embezzlement here and there” became the norm.

Politicians would actually joke, saying things like, “up to 5% embezzlement was built into the budget we just passed.”

For the most part, corruption and massive fraud was limited to the federal government, especially in the area of welfare.

That all changed as states like California, New York, and other liberal run localities increased their own welfare programs, increasing staff and spending and opening the door to even more corruption.

But it’s not just limited to liberal “blue” states. Take the recent case in the deeply red deep south state of Mississippi. The former director of Mississippi’s Department of Human Services, John Davis, was arrested for the embezzlement of millions of dollars of welfare funds.

Some of these funds were sent to a former WWE wrestler who, Davis claimed, was being paid by the state’s Department of Human Services to lead classes around the Magnolia state on drug and substance abuse.

As it turns out, in reality, the money was actually going to pay for the wrestler’s own drug rehabilitation program.

In fact, it’s worse than that. It came to light that this wrestler never taught a class, not one single class.

According to the state auditor’s office, Davis and another DHS employee fabricated invoices to pay ex-wrestler and fellow DHS employee Brett DiBiase with money that was supposed to go to drug and substance abuse programs for the poor.

But this was only one instance of the massive embezzlement scheme being run by Davis.

Embezzled funds were also shifted to multiple co-conspirators through both phony and legitimate businesses by using fake and forged documents.

But this problem goes beyond Mississippi. It turns out most of the stolen cash used in this embezzlement scheme came from a federal grant for state welfare programs.

The total amount of money stolen by these crooks is still being determined, but over $30 million dollars were allocated to the Mississippi Community Education Center which was the center of the plot.

The mother and son team who own and operate the center have also been arrested and charged with fraud.

Because of the large amount of money involved, and until the full extent of the loss to the taxpayers is determined, this is considered an ongoing investigation by the Auditor’s office. There will be no additional comments at this time.

If convicted on all counts, the accused face hundreds of years in prison.

This incident brings to light the dangers inherent in such massive welfare programs run by state and federal employees.

How much more fraud and abuse is out there?

We may never know, as government gets bigger and bigger and the loss of tens of millions of dollars becomes just a drop in the bucket, it’s only going to get worse.