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Donald Trump Wins the Iowa Caucus and Beats George Soros All in One Day

by x82hPEs

The official kick-off to the 2020 presidential campaign was a huge victory for Trump while the Democrats still aren’t sure who won their contest.

And no one predicted the final Democrat outcome would be a total shock.

That’s because no one could have imagined Donald Trump would win the Iowa Caucus and beat George Soros all in one day.

The Iowa Democrat Party caucuses have been in the planning stages since the last ones were held in 2016.

And while Democrats were expecting a tough race, they weren’t expecting it to turn out this way.

In the final days it really tightened up between socialist icon Bernie Sanders and “moderate” socialist Pete Buttigieg, while Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren faded and Senator Amy Klobuchar started to climb.

But no political observer expected there would be no winner when the caucuses ended.

Nor did they expect the total chaos that is still going on today, with no official winner announced.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump was expected to win the Republican caucuses with at least 80%-85%.

Instead what happened was a HUGE Trump thumping.

First, Trump won with an astounding 92.5% of the vote leaving ‘Never-Trumpers” Bill Weld and Joe Walsh in the dust.

In fact, in some precincts the write-in vote totals for Vice President Mike Pence and Nikki Haley beat out the liberal Weld and Walsh campaigns.

But it was on the Democrat side where things got crazy, and nasty.

Everyone was ready for a long night of counting to see if Bernie Sanders could squeak out a victory over the insurgent campaign of Pete Buttigieg, and to see if the establishment campaign of Joe Biden could pull out even a third place finish.

Among Trump supporters the feeling seemed to be that a win by either Sanders or Warren was a big win for Trump as it would further show the radicalization of the new Socialist Democrat Party.

The worst case scenario for Trump would have been either a Joe Biden or Pete Buttigieg sweeping victory which could have meant the start of a united Democrat Party going forward to the nomination, behind the new standard bearer, who seemed “acceptable” and not so radical to many voters.

Instead what we got was a massive Trump victory since as of 3 pm 2 days AFTER the caucuses Democrats still had not announced the final results.

The official Democrat reason for this delay is “coding issues” with the app developed for the caucuses.

But those attending the caucuses say it was far worse than an app. In one precinct Pete Buttigieg received 3 delegates after a coin toss.

The problem was the caucus leader didn’t know how to flip a coin! So, he just kind of made it up and magically his candidate (Buttigieg) won.

As Politico put it in their article about the caucuses: “‘It’s a total meltdown’: Confusion grips Iowa with no official results in sight.

As of the writing of this article, Buttigieg holds a slight lead over Sanders in the vote totals but remains tied with Sanders for 11 delegates each.

Elizabeth Warren is running a distant third with 5 delegates, and Joe Biden is in 4th with 2 delegates so far.

So what does that mean for Donald Trump and the Republicans?

A huge Trump victory in the Democrat Iowa caucuses. And as it turns out, a big victory of socialist billionaire George Soros who is the main financial backer of the leftist Super PAC associated with Shadow, Inc.

Shadow is the company that created the app that was used in the Democrat Iowa caucuses.

No matter who is announced as the eventual victor, Democrats showed that even with George Soros’ money, they are incapable of running a caucus, let alone creating an app that works.

So, the Democrats really can’t complain any more about rigged elections or shoddy election security without everyone pointing at the Iowa fiasco.

And the American people watched as the party that wants us to trust them to run health care, the economy, and the executive branch of government couldn’t even run their own caucus.