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Donald Trump Just got This Shocking News and You Won’t Believe Who Said It

by x82hPEs

A liberal MSNBC host just shared some cold, hard facts about 2020.

And Democrat Party officials, left-wing pundits, and Deep State operatives alike were stunned.

Because this well-known leftist just gave Donald Trump some shockingly good news.

One thing has certainly been true since Donald Trump shocked the world in November of 2016 – that he is extremely unpopular among the media elite.

They were horrified that Trump beat Hillary Clinton and destroyed their narrative about the election and the American people.

But what the liberal media refused to understand was that the American people were sick and tired of the D.C. swamp and the way things were being run.

Democrats have wanted Trump gone ever since and they’ll do almost anything to make that happen.

One needs to look no further than the multiple impeachment attempts against the President that began before he was even sworn into office.

That’s why it was shocking to see liberal darling and MSNBC host Katy Tur admit that Donald Trump is likely to be around for another four years.

During the opening segment of her show “MSNBC Live With Katy Tur” last week, Tur decried the sorry state of the current 2020 Democrat presidential candidates.

The MSNBC host pointed out that even Democrat voters “remain divided on the direction they believe this country should take, and they’re even more divided over the candidate who should lead it.”

Tur also pointed out that there’s really only one thing uniting Democrats and the radical left – the desire to defeat the President by any means necessary.

Tur then sadly stated that Democrats are “no closer to defeating Mr. Trump than they were three years ago,” and offered up three powerful reasons why she believes Trump is in the driver’s seat for reelection.

First, Tur cited the Trump campaign’s “massive” fundraising numbers for the 4th quarter of 2019.

Trump’s reelection campaign saw just under $46 million come in for the 4th quarter, proving “that Trump and his base remain emboldened by what they see as unfair attacks against the president,” according to Tur.

Second, Tur mentioned Trump’s continued approval ratings by the American people in the mid-40 percentage range.

Even with all the negative stories, the media has put out, the impeachment attempts, and Hollywood’s attempts to smear the President, Trump’s approval ratings have remained solid throughout his entire presidency.

This may be the scariest evidence to Tur and her leftist viewers as it shows a voter base committed to Trump in spite of every attack made against him.

The final example from Tur is the President’s surprisingly strong showing in key battleground states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

These are states according to Tur, “where he continues to run neck in neck with top Democrats.”

Tur concluded her remarks saying:

Whoever the Democrats pick they will be facing a president who has already survived the kind of setbacks that would normally end a political career, or a thousand political careers. Donald Trump is formidable. Our question is, is there a Democratic candidate whose message can both unify the party and win the White House?”