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Donald Trump Was Betrayed By This Mike Pence Staffer Who Pulled No Punches

by x82hPEs

Now that the impeachment hearings in the House are finally over, we’re getting a good feel for how the Deep State’s plans to take down Trump was implemented during the Obama administration.

It would appear that long before Trump’s July phone call with the Ukrainian President, the Deep State had already planted numerous individuals to act as double agents against him.

In fact, President Trump was recently betrayed by this Mike Pence staffer who pulled no punches.

When Donald Trump chose Mike Pence to be his running mate in 2016, it wasn’t because Pence had magnetism and charisma – it was because Republicans knew he was principled and possessed the integrity needed to help Trump get America back on track.

That’s why it’s so disappointing to see one of Pence’s most-trusted staffers – a foreign policy aide named Jennifer Williams – turn her back on her boss and, ultimately, her boss’s boss.

In sworn testimony, Williams told Adam Schiff and the rest of the Democrat lawmakers hellbent on taking Trump out of office, that she believed the call between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Trump was “inappropriate.”

Williams testified that she “found them [the concerns raised by Trump on the call] to be more political in nature and, in the context of a foreign policy – or an engagement with a foreign leader, to be more political than diplomatic.”

I believe I found the specific mentions to be – to be more specific to the president in nature, to his personal agenda … as opposed to a broad foreign policy objective of the United States,” Williams said.

Obviously, Trump didn’t think Williams had a clue about what she was talking about. In a tweet directed at Williams, Trump said:

Tell Jennifer Williams, whoever that is, to read BOTH transcripts of the presidential calls, & see the just-released statement from Ukraine. Then she should meet with the other Never Trumpers, who I don’t know & mostly never even heard of, & work out a better presidential attack!”

Trump is accusing Williams of being part of the growing faction of Never-Trumpers co-opted by the Deep State that’s included the likes of William Taylor, George Kent, and Gordon Sondland.

Trump realizes, as do any principled and even partially intelligent observers, that the Deep State convinced people who were supposed to be loyal to ‘Making American Great Again’ to use their positions in the White House as an impeachment weapon against him.

Not only is that bad news for Trump’s Presidency, but it could one day ruin the very fabric of our republic.

After Trump denounced Williams’ claims, he proceeded to rip the “Crazed, Do Nothing Democrats” in another tweet for “turning Impeachment into a routine partisan weapon. That is very bad for our country, and not what the Founders had in mind!!!!”

Trump’s not wrong, either.

As no witness could prove otherwise, there was no pressure put on the Ukrainian government to investigate the Bidens in order to receive foreign aid.

As both transcripts show – and as even the New York Times reported, the Ukrainian government didn’t know that aid was going to be held, so for people to accuse Trump of inappropriate activity is laughable.