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Donald Trump Just Said What Most Americans Are Thinking And Anti-Trumpers Are Furious

by x82hPEs

The mainstream media is in an uproar over President Trump’s latest tweets.

The President recently described his opponents as “more dangerous for our country than the do-nothing democrats.”

But then he said the words most Americans are thinking and the anti-Trumpers are furious.

There’s no doubt Donald Trump is the most unique President of our lifetime, maybe even in history.

He’s accomplished more for the conservative movement than any other President since Ronald Reagan – if not more than Reagan.

Trump has cut funding to Planned Parenthood, something no other President accomplished.

By executive order, he cut the size and scope of federal bureaucracy and regulations which expanded business and returned the unemployment rate to its lowest in decades.

He’s been tough on foreign policy, getting our adversaries to back down and our allies to start defending themselves – all while scaling back our military involvement in endless wars.

And he’s appointed and confirmed hundreds of conservative judges on the courts across the nation, including the Supreme Court.

But while accomplishing all of this, Trump remains unapologetically brash and honest on twitter – and the anti-Trumpers can’t stand it.

In fact, as one “Never-Trump” friend tells me, he knows dozens of anti-Trumpers who only put themselves in that category because they don’t like the “tone” of his tweets and public statements.

He’s too brash, too rude, too honest. He says what he thinks.

And now, Trump’s latest tweets about the “Never-Trump” charlatans will surely set these whiners off on a binge of anti-Trump rage.

“Human scum” seems like a “non-political” thing for a President to say, but there were some even among his supporters who gasped when they read that.

However, many others – including the editors here at Deep State – were quick to point out that “human scum” was putting it nicely for the likes of Bill Kristol, Mitt Romney, Justin Amash and their cadre of crony DC consultants.

These are the kinds of people who would oppose Trump even if he accomplished every single issue they claim to believe in.

As one Senate staffer suggested, “These people will not and cannot allow themselves to approve of anything the President does, because for the most part they have no real principles, so anything he does, they can claim it is not what they believe.”

So, should a President call people human scum?

Well, from this author’s viewpoint, the President was quite measured in his choice of words and could have (should have) called them much worse.

As one top-level Ron Paul 2012 source astutely said:

“They were human scum before Trump, are human scum now, and will be human scum long after Trump is gone. The President was merely stating a fact.”