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Donald Trump Pardon Can Fix this Obscene Obama Administration Injustice Today

by x82hPEs

This innocent man was sent to prison for life after an illegal and unconstitutional Obama-run DOJ operation.

Sentencing a wrongfully convicted man to two life terms – plus 40 years – for non-violent crimes is a stain on the Obama administration and law enforcement that demands accountability.

And a pardon from President Trump could fix this obscene injustice today.

Seen as a case that clearly proves the need for criminal justice reform, the Ross Ulbricht case should also scare the heck out of every American citizen.

As most of Deep State Journal’s readers already know, Ross Ulbricht is the creator of the “dark web” marketplace, Silk Road.

He was convicted of non-violent crimes and sentenced to an unheard of two life sentences plus 40 years – with no chance of ever being paroled.

There have been hundreds of articles written about this case and at least two movies made, with another one rumored to be in production.

Ross’s outrageous sentence has become a cause celebre among conservatives, libertarians, justice reform advocates, legal scholars, and former DOJ officials.

There’s no doubt the severity of his sentence stems from the DOJ smear campaign accusing Ross of unproven, unprosecuted “allegations” of trying to hire a hitman.

These allegations never came up in trial because the judge, in a rare show of sanity, dismissed them with prejudice.

As Curtis Green, one of Ross’s supposed “victims” stated on twitter:

“Ross Ulbricht got a raw deal. There is so much more to the Silk Road story than people know, and I can’t yet talk about. I don’t believe Ross is dangerous or that it’s in his character to order a hit on anyone. He should have never have gotten that horrible sentence.”

And it’s time for President Trump to use his power as President to pardon Ross Ulbricht or, at the very least, commute his sentence to time-served.

Over the next few weeks, Deep State Journal will be running a series of articles on this case and the litany of Obama administration constitutional violations, lies, and corruption that even resulted in the conviction of two federal agents.

We here at Deep State Journal are working to both report on the injustice of this case and get the message out far and wide in convincing President Trump to pardon Ross, as well as other non-violent felons who were caught up in Obama’s war on conservatives and libertarians.

Ross’s case included multiple and clear violations of his constitutional rights and the rule of law. Some of these violations include:

  • Multiple and egregious Fourth Amendment privacy violations
  • False allegations of planning violence
  • The conviction of 2 corrupt federal officers
  • More corrupt officers known but hidden from Ross’s jury
  • Defense cross-examination of witnesses repeatedly blocked
  • Defense witnesses prevented from testifying
  • Concrete proof of evidence tampering
  • Illegal involvement by the NSA and possibly the CIA
  • A judge who demonstrated ignorance and bias throughout the proceedings

No matter your views on Ross Ulbricht’s innocence or guilt, one thing is sure; two life sentences plus 40 years without parole is a complete miscarriage of justice.

We are asking every reader to contact the White House and urge President Trump to free Ross Ulbricht immediately.