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Top Elizabeth Warren Donors in Hot Water for Making Billions off the Opioid Crisis

by x82hPEs

This family’s greed and corruption may be responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths.

And Elizabeth Warren happily took their money.

Now, these top Elizabeth Warren donors are in hot water for making billions off the opioid crisis.

There’s no doubt that thousands upon thousands of Americans have a real problem with addiction to opioids – the highly addictive, yet legal, pain medication.

The proposed solutions to the problem have been wide-ranging –from complete government control of the pharmaceutical industry, to banning opioids and legalizing marijuana, to everything in between.

In the meantime, while Congress and state legislatures fight over alternative proposals, patients who need opioids for pain management are suffering as access to their medications have been curtailed.

And those who are addicted to opiates are turning to illegal street drugs like heroin and fentanyl to fill the void left by the government opioid crackdowns.

But while the questions on how best to solve the crisis are many, the cause of the opioid crisis is something no one questions.

And the sickening part is that it involves a family who let their greed fuel an epidemic that America will be dealing with for decades to come.

The Sackler family of Connecticut is one of those old, established northeastern paragons of Ivy League virtue.

While they seem to have a “Bush family-like” appearance, the cold truth is this one family is responsible for over 400,000 deaths in the United States alone.

The Sackler family owns Purdue Pharma, a massive pharmaceutical company that developed and sold OxyContin, which they marketed as a safe alternative to other “harsher” pain medications.

But then patients started becoming addicted and overdosing on OxyContin.

And the Sackler family allegedly knew all of this.

Knowing that a crackdown was coming in the form of lawsuits, wrongful death claims, and federal and state government action, the Sackler family acted quickly.

According to court documents, a witness testified that somewhere between $12 and $13 billion was transferred from Purdue Pharma to the Sackler family.

Then, in effort to avoid financial liability for the carnage the company had caused, Purdue Pharmaceuticals filed for bankruptcy.

Now, Attorney Generals from 24 states and the District of Columbia have decided to go after the Sackler family directly.

They are demanding the Sacklers immediately pay the $3 billion they’ve offered to pay in order to try and remedy some of the lawsuits filed against Purdue Pharma.

Meanwhile, Purdue asked the court last September to dismiss the 2,600 lawsuits currently seeking damages from the company aggressively pushing the highly-addictive Oxycontin onto unsuspecting patients through doctors who trusted the Big Pharma company.

There is much more to this family’s disgusting display of greed, lies, corruption, and death – including huge political donations to Elizabeth Warren and other Democrats, as well as to Republicans like Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

But for now, just think about this…

The Sackler family took $12 to $13 BILLION out of Purdue to avoid financial liability for the death and destruction they knowingly caused.

They are $13 billion richer off the deaths of more than 400,000 people.