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Joe Biden’s Mental Stability Called into Question After Bizarre Rant Full of Lies

by x82hPEs

As Democrats and their useful idiot Republican bedmates move on Trump impeachment, the real story is how the Ukrainian investigation could mean the end for Joe Biden.

As the questions about his son’s business dealings in Ukraine get more heated, Biden is firing back with angry rants and threats against reporters.

But now Joe Biden’s very mental stability is being called into question after one bizarre tirade full of lies.

While Nancy Pelosi does her preening and primping to fire up her base by announcing “formal” impeachment proceedings, many socialist officials and their wild-eyed and violent thug supporters are cheering.

These socialist storm troopers are also joined by the merry band of Trump-deniers, libertarian has-beens, and the Bill Kristol wing of the socialist movement, like Mitt Romney who never met a socialist scheme he didn’t support.

But while all this is going on, it looks like Trump may have outsmarted them all again.

Shortly after Pelosi announced impeachment proceedings, Trump in a classic “draw play” announced he would be releasing the full transcript of his phone conversation with the Ukrainian President – which, of course, proved nothing illegal or even improper had occurred.

Immediately, Trump’s detractors began to back-peddle, unsure of what to do or say.

Others began stammering, “B-b-b-ut it’s not just about the Ukraine, he’s mean and the climate, and Kavanaugh, and, just impeach!”

On the other hand, respected GOP operative Josh Holmes (not known as a Trump partisan) had this to say, “Everybody should take a minute to refresh themselves with the Biden side of the Ukraine kerfuffle. Muddy water here.”

Even the disgraced anti-Trump New York Times ran an article entitled, “Biden Faces Conflict of Interest Questions That are Being Promoted by Trump and Allies”.

Additionally, multiple objective news sites pointed to the fact that Biden is actually on video joking about threatening the Ukrainian government by withholding $1 billion in aid if they didn’t take care of his son Hunter.

And yet Justin Amash, that paragon of pomposity and disgraced pretend libertarian, exclaimed: “It’s not about a transcript of a call…It’s about his continuing abuse of the office of the presidency!”

So Amash is preparing to support impeachment because, well, because Trump writes mean tweets.

And given Amash’s serial arrogance, he’s likely still bitter that Trump never invited him to some dinner or another, or that Trump likes Rand Paul better.

But the person with the real problem here is Biden.

While speaking to reporters in Des Moines last Saturday, Biden told Fox News’ Peter Doocy that he and his son “never” discussed Hunter’s “business dealings” with Ukraine.

But this flies in the face of what Hunter said in an interview in the July issue of The New Yorker.

So Joe Biden is either flat-out lying or “misremembering” a very significant issue during his time as Vice President – especially considering there’s actual video footage of Biden proudly boasting about his extortion of a foreign government.

But don’t expect to see these facts on CNN, MSNBC, or any of the major newspapers.

And certainly don’t expect to see them from the radical socialists and their lap-dogs like Justin Amash, Bill Kristol and their merry band of sycophants.