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Donald Trump Just Stopped This Fraud and Some In Congress Are Furious

by x82hPEs

Proving he is keeping with his promise to end abuse in the federal government, Trump just stopped this one Congressional practice.
And it has some in Congress furious.
But one Cabinet member is sticking by Trump’s decision, despite a warning from this embittered RINO.
Late last week, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Robert Wilkie, strongly defended the decision to evict six members of Congress who were working out of two Florida VA facilities.
Responding to complaints from RINO Congressman Brian Mast (R-FL 18) over his eviction, Wilkie made it clear that he stands with President Trump in his efforts to end the horrendous treatment of veterans that began during the Obama administration.
Part of this effort was the passage of H.R. 2147, The Veterans Treatment Court Improvement Act, which was signed into law by President Trump in September of 2018.
Additionally, Trump has worked with Wilkie and others in Congress on ways to cut waste, fraud, and abuse at the VA, while streamlining and improving medical care for our American heroes.
Naturally, part of that process was to evict members of Congress taking up space at the VA facilities – space that is sorely needed for medical purposes to further improve the care of our veterans.
According to some Capitol Hill insiders, these Congressmen were trying to skirt their Congressional office spending caps by working out of the VA facilities.
Surprisingly, Congressman Mast is the only one fighting the eviction.
Despite this common sense action taken by the Trump administration – which is well in line with the Republicans who do want to cut government abuse – Mast said that he plans to fight the decision “tooth and nail.”
The VA Secretary responded by saying Mast has been a “party to” or has made “several misleading public statements” regarding the decision to evict, the transparency within the VA, and veteran suicides.
Wilkie also stated that Mast “falsely implied” that he “could not conduct congressional oversight and constituent services” without his office at the VA hospital.
“On the contrary,” Wilkie responded, saying that the RINO Republican could take care of his constituency and perform Congressional oversight from his Congressional offices just like almost every other Congressman across the country.
Mast then claimed, without any evidence, that the VA evicted him because they don’t want “transparency and accountability.”
But Wilkie pointed out that the President had “signed into law the VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act and the VA Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection” to “help protect” the department employees who “expose problems within VA.”
He went further by stating Trump’s VA is more transparent and accountable than any VA department ever.
So, when all is said and done, it appears the only valid argument Congressman Mast has is that the federal union representing VA employees gets to use over 2,000 sq. ft. in the VA building.
Of course, if that is the case, the answer is easy.
Evict them too.