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Netflix Made This Surprising Move Showing The Deep State May Not Own Them After All

by x82hPEs

If you were to ask a conservative if they think the left-wing zealots control the media and entertainment industry, they’d say yes.

From Amazon to CNN, the average American with a healthy distrust of the media realizes that the industry and its outlets are programmed to push the left-wing agenda.

However, Netflix just made a surprising move that shows the Deep State may not own them entirely after all.

Keep in mind, the special Netflix just published won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

But, that’s also the point.

Just because a person doesn’t like something doesn’t mean it needs to be censored or banned.

As of today, we still have a Constitution, and it still includes the 1st Amendment. Freedom of Speech still exists, at least on paper.

In this case, the fact that Netflix would promote this controversial comedian’s latest stand-up shows they’re willing to do unpopular things in the name of freedom.

In the last week of August, Netflix published Dave Chappelle’s newest comedy special, “Sticks and Stones.”

As you might surmise based on the title, Chappelle’s special centered on poking fun at leftist “social justice warriors” and showing just how silly their constant need for virtue-signaling a wokeness truly is.

Chapelle told some incredibly crass and inappropriate jokes in the special, but don’t misconstrue that statement as an insult.

The jokes were deviously funny and the audience was in stitches.

Many laughed with their hands over their mouths, unsure if they were allowed to be entertained by the nature of the jokes Chapelle told.

From jokes about pedophilia to lambasting the LGBT generation for their snowflake status, Chappelle didn’t hold back.

And for that, the general public was exceedingly thankful.

While critics writing for the far-left media roundly criticized the show, average viewers left overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Rotten Tomatoes, which is generally believed to be a decent barometer of overall appeal for movies and TV shows, displayed an incredible disparity between their critics’ ratings and audience ratings.

The nine critics who rated the show on Rotten Tomatoes gave the special an aggregate score of 33%.

At the time of this writing, more than 13,223 viewers contributed a rating of 99% or higher to the special.

This shows that the general American public is sick and tired of the media placating to the liberal left and were thrilled to have something raunchy and derelict come on for an hour.

Surely not everyone who watched it – no matter their political views – was on board with every joke Chappelle told.

But, they were happy to know that in a time where the least offensive things can get a person banned from public life, they could still find a refreshing perspective.

As Tim Poole, a center-aligned journalist on a mission to destroy the MSM machine noted, the left doesn’t realize the culture war they’re waging is digging them a deeper and deeper grave.

When they battle comedy like Dave Chapelle’s, they don’t make the world a safer place. Instead, they create enemies who are increasingly getting tired of being told what to do.

As one audience rating succinctly puts it:

Amazing performance that brings us back to a time when we were wallowed to laugh and also disagree without internet mobs of ate. I really hope more follow suit because comedy brings people together and woke journalists constantly on a mission do not. I’ve watched it twice already and it had me dying.”

Netflix not kowtowing to the power-drunk and sensitive left is what America needs more of, simply so we can revel in our freedom.