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This Ex-FBI Big Wig Guilty of Major Anti-Trump Scandal… Is It Treason?

by x82hPEs

There’s little doubt that the FBI is now just an appendage of the Deep State. The days of the patriotic American G-man fighting communists and criminals is long gone.

Unfortunately, many Americans don’t realize just how bad it’s gotten. They believe the FBI is still an impartial and unbiased law enforcement agency.

But now that this ex-FBI Big-Wig may be found guilty of a major anti-Trump scandal… many Americans will wonder if it isn’t all-out treason.

Those who are aware of how deeply entrenched the Deep State is in the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and the rest of the various alphabet agencies of the federal government aren’t shocked to know that those who control the levers in these agencies might be working for the elite.

And those who weren’t aware… are now confronted with the truth.

Recent revelations on how ex-FBI Director James Comey handled personal and private conversations with Donald Trump prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that he had it out for the President from Day One.

A recent report by the Inspector General’s office shows that Comey took direct action against the President.

As reported by FOX News:

A scathing inspector general report released Thursday said that the fired FBI Director violated bureau policies by drafting, leaking and retaining memos documenting private discussions with President Trump.

 The Justice Department’s official watchdog concluded that the memos Comey kept were, in fact, “official FBI records,” and said Comey set a “dangerous example” with his actions.”

For the Director of the FBI to purposefully release official FBI records to the media indicates a conflict of interest.

But the reason why is apparent.

The mainstream media, specifically CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC (and a few others) are not virtuous entities concerned with bias-free journalism.

Instead, they serve as the propaganda arm of the Deep State.

The discovery that Comey would take these private conversations (which had never seen the light of day) and leak them to the very same organizations Trump has accused of manufacturing “Fake News” confirms that.

That’s the bad news.

The good news here is the Inspector General coming through with a damning report puts a spotlight on the problems Trump is facing.

Comey will likely face repercussions for this.

Kevin Brock, the former Assistant Director of Intelligence for the FBI, was an FBI special agent for 24 years and Principal Deputy Director of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC).

Writing for The Hill, Brock shows why Comey can’t escape this situation:

“Out here in the real world, this is what the IG’s investigation has confirmed: James Comey, as FBI director, created and maintained a separate record system that he kept in a desk drawer.

He then also took most of those official records home. If that wasn’t enough recklessness, he leaked some of those records to the press after he was fired. 

To Comey, all of this is justified because some hero has to rise up and stand in the breach. But the IG methodically lists the numerous policies Comey violated, policies carefully designed over time to prevent the abuse of authority by those who self-craft a “higher loyalty” in their minds, thereby exempting themselves from the rules. Comey was no hero; he was nothing more than an executive vigilante.

Creating a separate record system in the FBI is a mortal sin, and with good reason. Every newly minted agent at Quantico learns this as part of FBI 101. Anytime an FBI agent, to include the director, collects information in an official capacity, that information must be documented, associated with a case file number and entered into the FBI’s case management system.

Comey never did that. His now-infamous memos weren’t entered into the official FBI system until after he was fired.”

The devious nature of Comey’s actions should prove to be substantial enough to land him in some serious trouble.

And while some are saying that what Comey did is treasonous, the fact remains that this wasn’t an act of war against the U.S., nor did it aid an enemy of the state in gaining an advantage over our nation.

Some would argue the Deep State is an enemy of America, and that is 100% true.

But what Comey did doesn’t amount to treason, at least according to the legal definition.

However, that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt our nation… nor does it mean it was right.

Now that his misdeeds are in the open, it further proves how the entrenched elite were (and still are) willing to do anything to hurt Trump and the people he’s leading.