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Disturbing Allegations Against Mueller Reveal He May Be Hiding Something Massive

by x82hPEs

It’s been a week since Mueller held most of American in rapt attention.

Since then, nothing more has come of the Mueller report and it looks like Trump is safe.

However, disturbing allegations against Mueller reveal he may be hiding something massive.

Trump probably knows about what Mueller’s hiding, too.

Which is why when the FBI’s special prosecutor fielded questions from House Democrats and Senate Republicans, he didn’t go into great detail about his involvement with the production of the report.

What Mueller’s hiding likely relates to the letter he sent to the Department of Justice before he showed up on Capitol Hill.

Look at what Mueller wrote, and answer honestly if this doesn’t look like the desperate attempt of a man trying to prevent himself from being exposed.

Mueller wrote:

Please note that there should be no testimony concerning the redacted portions of the public version of the report, which may not be disclosed because of applicable laws, court rules and orders.”

“Any testimony must remain within the boundaries of your public report because matters within the scope of your investigation were covered by executive privilege, including information protected by law enforcement, deliberative process, attorney work product, and presidential communications privileges.”

In essence, Mueller requested that any of the questions Congress directed his way wouldn’t delve into topics he was uncomfortable answering.

Then there was how he behaved in front of the camera.

If you had asked the average American how they felt about Mueller’s performance, they would tell you he looked confused.

Others would’ve reacted in shock if you told them he was the main author of the report.

From the looks of it, Mueller didn’t appear to know much about what he had supposedly written.

Quite alarming when you consider he and his team spent more than 2 years putting it together.

The average American would have also said Mueller looked out of place. An older man in a young man’s world.

But what if the entire time Mueller was before Congress he was only pretending to be an unknowledgeable dolt?

Would that surprise you?

It shouldn’t because experts familiar with the report believe he was trying to play off his involvement as less of an author of the report and more of a figurehead.

Because if he was intimately involved with authoring the report, the evidence would lead to the Department of Justice coming up with a laundry list of charges they can bring against him.

Cliff Nichols writing for TownHall.com put it succinctly when he wrote what crimes the DOJ could charge him with:

As Director of the FBI, he allegedly facilitated the furtherance of an illegal pay-for-play kickback scheme that involved the sale of 20% of America’s uranium supply to Russia;

As Director of the FBI, he allegedly signed off on an extremely lenient plea deal involving Jeffrey Epstein in 2008 that today some believe was intended to help conceal, and possibly protect, the continued existence of Epstein’s alleged global sex-trafficking/extortion operations; and

As Special Counsel, he allegedly facilitated an unlawful conspiracy to remove from office a duly elected President of the United States—i.e., a coup d ‘état.”

If a court found Mueller guilty of any of these, it would spell big trouble.

Should they find him guilty of all three, it could mean years in prison.

These allegations aren’t made lightly, unlike the allegations brought against Trump.

And that’s why with hindsight being 20/20, it’s plain to see that Mueller was acting the fool so he could extricate himself from a very, very sticky situation.