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Donald Trump Fears This New Deep State Plot Could Take Out This Congressman

by x82hPEs

Senator Rand Paul has come out in defense of this Congressman and vows to fight the RINO establishment to the end.

Establishment and Deep State money is pouring in, and now there may even be a candidate ready to primary this conservative champion.

The Deep State, unable to get rid of President Trump, is now going after conservative members of Congress.

Led by Never-Trump “Republicans” and establishment RINOs, these efforts are proving what most astute political observers have known all along.

These charlatans aren’t Never-Trump, they’re Never-Conservative.

It’s the same elitist, snobbish, intelligentsia who decried the rise of Christian voters and looks down upon Trump supporters, Ron Paul supporters, and supporters of any candidate or cause that has actual principle and threatens their almost non-existent power base.

And they are desperate.

From teaming up with radical left-wing Democrats, to stealing money from unknowing donors, to lecturing Republicans on what it means to be a Republican (even though they never really have been), these clowns are now targeting a conservative favorite.

Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) is under attack from the GOP establishment and Deep State operatives who despise any Congressman having a hint of principle and conservative values.

And Massie certainly does have principles and is an unapologetic Constitutional Conservative.

He is a member of Congress who actually takes his oath seriously and one of the few who doesn’t violate it – ever.

But, as the Louisville Courier Journal reports, “A number of national ‘Republican’ organizations will be using establishment  money in an attempt to unseat Massie , who has the most constitutional voting record of any Republican in all of Congress.”

And this rag tag group of RINOs and Never-Trump leftists seem to have a candidate in mind – Kentucky State Rep. Kim Moser of Taylor Mill.

All signs point to her being groomed to “take out” Massie.

Moser actually boasts her moderate-liberal record and her willingness to work with the Washington D.C. swamp and socialists like AOC rather than Massie’s principled constitutionalism.

“But I would fall more in the pragmatic, solution-oriented camp and that’s always going to be my issue. I think it’s fine to disagree, but I’m always looking for solutions, and that’s not what I see from Congressman Massie,” Moser has said.

The Courier Journal reports that, “moderate U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is looking to target Massie to replace him with a woman in order to put more females into Congress to play identity politics with the Democrats. Her spokeswoman denies the allegations.”

Regardless of whether these rumors are true or not, Club for Growth is ready to get behind Massie and protect his seat based on his strong record of supporting free market principles.

Grassroots conservatives in Kentucky are firmly behind Massie as well, and rightfully see him as their only Congressman with the backbone to stand strong and live up to his campaign rhetoric to the voters.

“Hal Rogers is the ‘king of pork’; Brett Guthrie has voted for more spending than any other Kentucky Congressman; Jamie Comer has separated himself from the establishment on a few occasions but typically follows the herd. Andy Barr is establishment all the way, whatever the leadership wants, he’s only too happy to give it to them, even if it’s unconstitutional,” said Scott Hofstra, a United Kentucky Tea Party spokesman.

“Congressman Massie is the only real representative the citizens of Kentucky have in Washington,” he added.

And Massie’s partner-in-liberty, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), is coming to his defense as well.

Paul took to twitter to make it clear that coming after his friend Massie will not be an easy thing to do.

We will keep you posted on this race and others like it around the country.