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Your Tax Dollars Are Being Spent to Erase This President From the History Books

by x82hPEs

First they came after Civil War statues and monuments, then it was school and road names.

But you won’t believe what the leftist radicals want to destroy now.

And your tax dollars are being spent to erase this president from the history books.

Over the last two years we’ve seen an increase in protests against American history.

And the left is conducting a full frontal assault on great American generals who wore the confederate uniform; almost all of whom served valiantly in the US armed services before or after the war.

Generals like Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, J.E.B. Stuart and John Mosby are being collectively wiped from American history.

But as many of us predicted, that wasn’t going to be enough for the left. And now, they’ve started going after American Presidents like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and even George Washington.

And they’ve decided to use taxpayer dollars to do so.

In Arlington, Virginia, the name of one of that city’s oldest high schools is being changed from Washington and Lee to Washington-Liberty.

Last year Fairfax County, VA changed the name of J.E.B. Stuart High School to Justice High.

That’s right, even though these men were proud Virginians whose life’s work and accomplishments were far more than just their time as generals, Virginia cities and counties are wiping them off the history books.

Just recently Alexandria, VA changed the name of Jefferson Davis Highway.

The problem is, in addition to erasing and rewriting history, the leftists are of course doing it all with taxpayer money.

The cost to taxpayers of changing Washington-Lee to Washington-Liberty was originally estimated at over $200,000.  Of course, that number continues to rise.

But it gets worse.

In California, it will cost a San Francisco school district more than half a million dollars to cover up a mural of our first president George Washington.

The reason for the expense?

A handful of activists complained that the mere sight of the nation’s first president was “traumatizing” to students.

According to an article by Robby Soave at Reason Magazine, the San Francisco Unified School District will meet next week, not to discuss if they should cover up the portrait, but rather to decide which of three options is best to cover the mural.

The mural, titled “The Life of Washington,” is in the foyer of George Washington High School. The School District Board will decide whether to paint over the mural at a cost of $600,000, panel it over at a cost of $875,000, or simply hide it behind curtains for the low, low price of just $300,000.

As Soave points out in his article, this is money being spent to try and erase our first president from a government-run high school, at taxpayer expense, using money that would be far better spent elsewhere.

Money that “could go to any number of important initiatives or even to hiring more teachers — the middle option, a $600,000 paint job, could support one newly hired SFUSD teacher for more than six years (SFUSD is currently experiencing a teacher shortage).

Instead a 13-member working group, who’s sole purpose is to find and scrub the schools of any ‘controversial’ historical monuments and materials says the school has no choice but to jettison the work of art.”

According to them the painting “glorifies slavery, genocide, colonization, manifest destiny, white supremacy, oppression” and “doesn’t represent SFUSD values of social justice, diversity, united, student-centered.”

Expect this movement to erase our founding fathers from our history to continue.

Already there are calls to remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson from the grounds of the University of Virginia – a university FOUNDED by Mr. Jefferson.

We will keep you updated on which president the left will go after next.