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Obama Furious After This One Fact Comes Out About His Past

by x82hPEs

It looks like Trump was right all along about Obama’s scandals and shady background.

Many political observers and Deep State pundits even laughed at Trump over his Obama bashing.

But now Obama is furious after this one fact comes out about his past.

A few weeks ago we reported on a breaking story that indicated a real copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate was available.

And that it clearly showed his origin of birth as Kenya.

If this turns out to be a legitimate verifiable birth certificate, it could cause some of the biggest changes in US history.

Because just to start, if it turns out Obama was not a legitimate president, many scholars argue any bill he signed is null and void.

Not to mention the vast number of executive orders Obama rammed through.

Of course, if you ever questioned Obama’s real nation of origin you would have been labeled a “Birther” by the radical left and the media.

There is a good reason why our Constitution requires the President of the United States to be born in the United States. If any President was indeed born in a foreign country, serious questions could be raised about whether he had America’s best interests at heart.

For years, a growing number of Americans questioned Obama’s birthplace, and for almost all of that time Obama refused to release his birth certificate.

Then, in 2011 after Donald Trump led the charge to get to the bottom of the issue, Obama released a copy of a copy that he claimed was his birth certificate showing he had been born in Hawaii.

However many “birthers” immediately claimed it was bogus.

Now thanks to Obama’s half-brother, we have been given more information on his actual birthplace.

Malik Obama has spent years trying to get out the truth about his brother Barack and as we reported weeks ago, he tweeted an image back in March possibly revealing Obama’s true birth certificate.

Except, it’s not from Hawaii, but rather Kenya.

And now Malik and others say they are getting close to having the documentation necessary to prove this is a valid Kenyan birth certificate.

Of course, the Democrats and their P.R. firm (the mainstream media) have been quick to dismiss this birth certificate and have already indicated they won’t accept any proof of any kind.

And the media, at least the few outlets that covered it, have already labeled Malik’s release as a giant conspiracy, and Malik himself as a “nut”.

So the self-described arbiters of morality and truth won’t even look into the possibility of this being valid.

Of course, all Americans should admit this is an important issue and we must be cautious until all the evidence is reviewed.

But the socialist, liberal, mainstream media calling card is to jump to conclusions that fit their agenda, no matter what the evidence really is, and ignore anything, no matter how much evidence exists that proves their theories wrong.

While the jury is still out on the validity of this birth certificate, we may finally get to the bottom of this one way or another.