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Trump Just Gave the One Order the Deep State Feared Most

by x82hPEs

President Trump ordered the declassification of intelligence related to campaign spying.

He also ordered the intelligence community to fully cooperate with Attorney General Barr.

And this was the one order the Deep State feared the most.

Last week President Trump had issued a Presidential Memo giving Attorney General William Barr the full authority to declassify any documents related to surveillance of the 2016 Trump campaign.

Trump’s memo also ordered the intelligence community to cooperate with Barr.

The memo read:

“The heads of elements of the intelligence community… and the heads of each department or agency that includes an element of the intelligence community shall promptly provide such assistance and information as the Attorney General may request in connection with that review.”

“Today, at the request and recommendation of the Attorney General of the United States, President Donald J. Trump directed the intelligence community to quickly and fully cooperate with the Attorney General’s investigation into surveillance activities during the 2016 Presidential election,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement.

Trump and his supporters point to growing evidence that his 2016 campaign was spied on by the intelligence community.

As further investigation is done, it is appearing more and more likely that Obama administration officials were heavily involved in the Trump Russia-gate hoax.

The President had told Fox News in early May that he would allow declassification “soon.” He said, “I didn’t want to do it originally because I wanted to wait, because I know what they — you know I’ve seen the way they play.  They play very dirty.”

In April, A.G. Barr ran into a buzz saw of criticism from Democrat lawmakers and their allies in the media for testifying that “spying did occur” against the Trump campaign in 2016.

But despite the media backlash and lies from Comey and his allies, Barr was referring to intelligence collection against the Trump campaign that had already been widely reported and confirmed.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page are the subject of a special Justice Department inspector general investigation.

The DOJ is looking into misconduct in the issuance of those warrants. That review is also scrutinizing the role of an FBI informant who had contacts with Trump advisers in the early stages of the Russia investigation.

Of course, Comey, Mueller, and their media mouthpieces aren’t even denying that spying occurred.  Just that it shouldn’t technically be called spying.

Their bizarre claim is that their wiretaps, undercover operatives, and other steps to damage Trump were “investigations,” not spying.

Meanwhile Barr is sticking to his guns;

“I think spying did occur. The question is whether it was adequately predicated,” Barr testified, saying it is his “obligation” to review whether there was misconduct in the original investigation. “Congress is usually very concerned with intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies staying in their proper lane.”

He added that “spying on a political campaign is a big deal.”

This is coming down to a head-to-head battle between Trump, Barr and opponents of FISA Courts and DOJ/FBI tampering in elections, and those who side with Mueller, Comey, Nancy Pelosi and Justin Amash who defend the unconstitutional use of power by the DOJ.

And it doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon.

We will keep you updated on any further developments in this breaking story.