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Barack Obama Furious at His Family Over Leak Proving Trump Right

by x82hPEs

Obama successfully hid this fact about his background for years.

But Donald Trump and others tried to get the information out and were ridiculed.

Now Trump is proven right and Barack Obama is furious at his family over this leak.

For years there have been rumors, investigations and denials about the true birthplace of Barack Obama.

And Donald Trump, early on, joined with those who questioned Obama’s birthplace.

Derided by the media, laughed at and scorned by Obama and his loyalists and treated like skunks at the garden party by fellow conservatives, the “Birthers” as they came to be known, persisted.

It was a big deal because if Obama was not born in the United States, it meant his election as President was null and void.

When Obama finally decided to release a copy of his birth certificate a few years ago to prove he was born in Hawaii, it only fanned the flames of doubt among birthers.

They were even more convinced than ever because the copy of his birth certificate looked doctored and could not be independently corroborated.

But then, as Obama reached the end of his second term, the issue of his birthplace became a non-issue, since he would be leaving office anyway.

Now, it looks like Donald Trump and the birthers may have had it right all along.

Thanks to Barack Obama’s brother, there is more information and documentation of his actual birthplace.

Malik Obama has spent years trying to reveal the truth about his brother the President.

Now, Malik has released what appears to be, by many experts, the smoking gun and it has Americans outraged.

Malik Obama tweeted out a copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  But instead of being from Hawaii, it is a Kenyan birth certificate.

So, what does this mean?

First, it is very unlikely that anything would happen to throw out anything Barack did as president such as executive orders, and legislation he signed.

However, there will certainly be lawsuits filed to overturn any such laws, like Obamacare once it is determined if this Kenyan birth certificate is valid.

And if it turns out he was ineligible to serve as President, it would be a huge black eye on Obama and the Democrat party leading into the 2020 elections, and would give President Trump another boost.

It could cost Obama his place in history as a former president, as well as his pension and his security.

The mainstream media is already labeling Malik’s release as a giant “conspiracy.” Of course, the media is not known for its ability to get things right, or even do the basic research needed to confirm stories.

And the liberal game plan is to jump to conclusions that fit their agenda, no matter what the evidence really is, so it won’t matter if this birth certificate is proven true or not, they’ve already made up their minds.

That’s why it’s important to actually have independent sources verify this birth certificate before any further action is taken.

We will keep you updated on this developing story.