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The Democrats Have This Ace in the Hole to Guarantee Trump’s Defeat in 2020

by x82hPEs

2020 will be an election the likes of which Americans have never seen before.

The left will deploy every weapon in their arsenal to defeat Donald Trump.

And they have this ace in the hole that could guarantee President Trump’s defeat in 2020.

In 2017, Democrat Doug Jones barely scraped by Republican Roy Moore in a special Senate election to replace then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Trump supporters initially attributed Jones’ win to the fake news media springing hoax allegations of sexual misconduct against Moore in the crucial final weeks of the campaign.

That played a part in Moore’s defeat, but there were more sinister forces at play.

Tech billionaire Reid Hoffman funded the so-called “Birmingham Project” where liberal activists created a “false flag” campaign to make it look like Russian bots were supporting Roy Moore.

In addition, Democrats used fake pages targeted at conservatives to run a misinformation campaign against Moore to suppress his vote on Election Day.

While horrible, that just scratched the surface of Hoffman and the Democrats’ efforts to trick voters through social media misinformation campaigns.

The Daily Caller reported that Hoffman “greatly increased his financial contributions to artificial intelligence research group OpenAI.”

OpenAI created software that allows users to create “deep fake” news articles.

The nonprofit group created “GPT2” – which the Guardian reported the engineers are too afraid to release to the public because it allows individuals to use snippets of text to create fake news articles out of thin air.

Critics believe the Hoffman-funded group used the Alabama Senate special election as a testing ground.

The conspirators wanted to know two things: could their fake news and misinformation programs succeed and could they get away with it.

The answer to both questions was a resounding “yes.”

Now they are on to phase two.

Instead of creating fake social media accounts, the left will generate fake news out of whole cloth.

This is the next evolution of fake news and misinformation and the left will not let this arrow rest in their quiver during the 2020 election.

Hoffman’s shady social media campaigns also highlight another essential truth.

For the last three years, the so-called “mainstream” media harassed social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to crack down on so-called “fake news.”

Alleged “journalists” believe Trump won the election because conservatives used social media effectively in order to spread the truth on Trump and Hillary Clinton so Americans did not have to rely on the traditional liberal media for information about the campaign.

“Journalists” harped on Russian troll farms – that produced content few Americans remember seeing and had zero effect on the campaign – as the cover to pressure social media to censor conservative and alternative media sources.

It succeeded in spades.

But the reality is the only verified example of a political movement in the United States using social media to spread fake news and misinformation to rig an election was by the Democrats in the Alabama special senate election.

And the masterminds behind this insidious plot are hard at work on the next evolution of these tactics in order to steal the 2020 presidential election.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.