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Even CNN Will Have to Report the One Story About Mueller Every Democrat Fears

by x82hPEs

For over two years CNN and the rest of the fake news media acted as Robert Mueller’s biggest cheerleader.

They promoted fake news about Russian collusion and hyped every development in the Mueller probe as pushing one step closer to removing President Trump.

But now CNN is going to be forced to report the one story about Robert Mueller no one thought was possible.

The Mueller investigation is winding down and his team is sending out smoke signals to his partners in the media as to what the final report will contain.

And it increasingly looks like Mueller will report no evidence of Russian collusion.

Mueller did not charge any Trump associate for conspiring with Russia.

In fact, in both indictments Mueller filed against Russian companies and nationals for election meddling and the hacking of the Democrat National Committee’s email server, Mueller bent over backward to include language stating that no Americans were involved in these illegal activities.

So-called “journalists” clung to the fantasy that Mueller would dramatically reveal a smoking gun linking Donald Trump and his campaign to Russian collusion.

But with time running out, the media is being forced to answer on tough questions.

On ABC’s “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos asked his panel about what would happen if Mueller turned in a final report that did not include any accusations Donald Trump or members of his campaign colluded with the Russians on the cyber attacks during the 2016 election.

Veteran ABC reporter Terry Moran – who is also a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat – partisan uttered a shocking truth no one thought they would hear.

Moran said it would vindicate Trump and that it would be a “reckoning” for the fake news media.

“Huge,” Moran responded. “He’s cleared. If Robert Mueller comes back, Mueller became a folk hero in the United States.”

“The central and most serious question in this investigation, the reason Robert Mueller started it: Did the current president of the United States assist the Kremlin in an attack on our democracy? And if Mueller, after two years, comes back and says, ‘I don’t have the evidence to support that charge,’ that’s a reckoning,” the veteran ABC reporter continued. “That’s a reckoning for progressives and Democrats who hoped that Mueller would essentially erase the 2016 election. It’s a reckoning for the media. It’s a reckoning across the country if in fact after all this time there was no collusion.”

CNN especially would face a reckoning.

The anti-Trump network – whose most high profile anchors are all Democrat Party activists and whose President, Jeff Zucker, muses about running for office as a Democrat – turned their airtime over to cranks and conspiracy theorists that peddled misinformation and hoaxes about Donald Trump and Russia.

For two years Donald Trump stated there was no collusion with Russia and that this whole thing was a Democrat hoax.

Yet despite the fact Mueller never charged anyone for conspiring with Russia, a recent poll found just one percent of CNN viewers thought President Trump told the truth about the Russia investigation.

CNN’s lies, propaganda and fake news are bad for the country.

It incites violence.

A deranged Bernie Sanders supporter tried to assassinate Congressional Republicans because he consumed mainstream media that promoted the falsehood that Donald Trump was secretly a treasonous Russian agent.

Americans should hold CNN and other so-called “news” networks accountable for the hoaxes and conspiracy theories they promoted about Donald Trump that helped create this dangerous political environment.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.